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Nigeria – ‘Bring Back Our Girls’!





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Antarctic Ice Shelf On Brink Of Unstoppable Melt

Via: Reuters

Ice calving from the Petzval Glacier in Paradise Bay in Antarcti

Part of East Antarctica is more vulnerable than to a that could to trigger an unstoppable slide of ice into the ocean and raise world sea levels for thousands of years, a study showed on Sunday.

The Wilkes Basin in East Antarctica, stretching more than 1,000 km (600 miles) inland, has enough ice to raise sea levels by 3 to 4 METRES (10-13 FEET) if it were to melt as an effect of global warming, the report said.

The Wilkes is vulnerable because it is held in place by a small rim of ice, resting on bedrock below sea level by the coast of the frozen continent. That “ice plug” might melt away in coming centuries if ocean waters warm up.

“East Antarctica’s Wilkes Basin is like a bottle on a slant. Once uncorked, it empties out,” Matthias Mengel of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, lead author of the study in the journal Nature Climate Change, said in a statement.



personal thought:

The GOP and Fox News can deny it all it wants, but the consequences of climate change is real, and they are going to be felt sooner, rather than later.




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