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Blake Farenthold (R-TX) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day, yes again’

Via: Americans Against The Tea Party


Congressman Blake Farenthold (R- Texas via every fast food restaurant in the state) told veterans about to lose their disability checks due to the

government shutdown, that they would have to make sacrifices.

Because goodness knows that former soldiers receiving disability haven’t already made extreme sacrifices. For this country. To keep it free.

Let us quote the Congressman since this statement cannot be paraphrased

“I feel like my mandate when I was elected was to go reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and increase freedom, and freedom isn’t free, and sometimes you have to make a small sacrifice to move forward with what you’re after,” Farenthold said.

Farenthold, who appears to have not sacrificed anything ever- except the risk of diabetes and heart disease- has been serving in the Congress for all of two years. And yet feels quite comfortable in stopping major parts of the federal government from functioning.

In fact, the corpulent Congressman from Corpus Christi is quite comfortable speaking on behalf of all the American citizens not just the ones in his gerrymandered sinkhole of a district.

He told a reporter that folks are upset about NSA spying and of course, Benghazi, not inre a bunch of newbie elected officials taking the country hostage for 13 days.

Everyone read this and remember. Showboats like Sarah Palin and Ted Cruz were confronted by veterans last Sunday. The former military folks, who came to D.C. to protest memorials being closed, told the Tea Party people they were in fact to blame, saying, “The Republicans closed the government. The Republicans closed the government. You’re an idiot.”




Rep. Farenthold with a staffer on a recent ‘fact finding tour’; and yes, they were ‘finding facts’ at a brothel.


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Erotica – Image Gallery

Via: bomparasolhos


See more images, HERE:




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“Quote of the Day”


Vietnam – 58,209

Afghanistan – 2,299

Iraq – 4,488

TOTAL – 64,996 DEAD



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Tired of living in the back of your brother’s truck – Well, Hell, move to Chiang Mai, Thailand!


Size : 30 sqm (323sqf)
Bedrooms : Studio
Bathrooms : 1
Furnished : Yes
Airconditioned : Yes
Floor :
Location : Charoen muang Rd. Soi 8 (Soi Kai Daeng)
12 month lease : 4,200 THB/month ($129.23 USD)
6 month lease : 4,700 THB/month ($144.62 USD)

Nice Studio Room for rent @ PP Condo. Fully furnished including air-condition, Flat-TV with TV stand, microwave, fridge, wardrobe, comfortable sofa, water heater, bed and mattress.

Good location close to Big C and Makro super highway and train station.

– See more at: http://www.buyinchiangmai.com/ppe-610.html#sthash.JPm4kaLq.dpuf

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