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GOP candidate for SC schools chief wants to teach ‘scientific theory of intelligent design’


A Republican who hopes to become the top education official in South Carolina says that children should be taught a form of creationism in school.

, one of eight Republican candidates for superintendent of education, said Tuesday in a GOP primary debate that she opposed the Next Generation Science Standards and believed that intelligent design should be taught alongside the theory of evolution.

“In regard to the evolution issue, I have to say that that is one of the problems with our education system today, and it is one of the problems that has been brought to light through the problems with the Common Core standards,” she remarked. “Children are not receiving an objective education.”

“There is plenty of science and research behind the theory of intelligent design, and yet it is not allowed in the classroom,” Few added. There is no reason why the scientific theory of intelligent design should not be taught in the classroom alongside the theory of evolution, and that way children would receive an objective education and they could also — for Christian children — could point to their God though the theory of intelligent design. Children need to have an objective education.”



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