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GOP Candidates Who Signed An Anti-Immigration Pledge Are Losing Their Primaries

Via: Think Progress


More Republicans than ever are touting their anti-immigration positions, but Congressional candidates are learning the hard way that taking on such harsh rhetoric does little to win support in this election cycle. In the primary elections held Tuesday and the contests held two weeks ago, candidates who signed a pledge to vow to oppose “amnesty” have not fared well at all against candidates who did not sign this pledge.

In April, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham (Fox News)  and the immigration-restrictionist group Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) collaborated to pressure Republican primary candidates to sign a “no-amnesty pledge,” which asks candidates to promise to oppose legislation that would grant any form of work authorization to undocumented immigrants and to oppose legislation that increases the overall number of immigrants and guest workers.

Recent primary results gathered by the Center for New Community suggest that supporting an anti-immigration stance does not readily rile up Republican voters as it had in 2010, when state-wide immigration enforcement efforts in Alabama and Arizona were welcomed.

Sam Clovis, a Republican Senate candidate from Iowa, signed the FAIR pledge two weeks ago and criticized the Senate comprehensive immigration reform bill for offering amnesty, but he lost the primary election Tuesday night to another Republican candidate Joni Ernst who did not sign the pledge.

Signers include Mississippi House candidate Ron Vincent who lost to Steve Palazzo.

Montana House candidate Drew Turiano who trailed far behind Ryan Zinke, and Gerard McManus who lost to Garry Cobb.



personal thought:

1. If the ANTI-immigrant stance isn’t working in the GOP primaries, than I wonder how badly it’ll work in November?

2. Maybe the GOP Morons need to try another tactic; such as, ‘Marriage is between a Man and a Woman’. Yeah, that should work. 🙂


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