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Pattaya – Two Indians (SEE PHOTO) Drugged and robbed at Central Pattaya Hotel

Via: Pattaya One


In the early hours of Thursday two Indian Tourists reported a suspected case of drugging and robbery to Investigators at Pattaya Police Station.

Mr. Sitting Bull aged 54 and Mr. Tonto  aged 41 told Police that they were staying at the Bella Express Hotel off the Central Pattaya Road. On the night of 4th June they had gone to the Hotel restaurant and planned to return to their room after their meal.

Inside the restaurant they were approached by two Thai women who sat and drank with them for a while and suggested they could join them inside their room and for an agreed fee could offer them sexual services. The two men agreed and took the women to their room.

The drinking continued inside the room and they consumed copious amounts of Beer. One of the victims did notice that one of the women was placing something inside the cans of beer but it was too late and the two men were rendered unconscious.

When the two men woke up on Thursday Morning they claim a total of 100,000 Baht ($3,030 USD) in cash had been stolen along with an IPhone worth an estimated 20,000 Baht ($606 USD).

Police later inspected the room and found used condoms and many cans of beer which were taken away for analysis. CCTV at the hotel was checked and Police are now searching for the two suspects who remain at-large –



personal thought:

Until I’m proved otherwise, I will continue to believe, sooner or later, EVERY moron in the world, will end up in Pattaya,



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‘Photo of the Day’


Charley Chaplin and Albert Einstein.




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China Bulldozing Hundreds Of Mountains To Expand Cities

Via: Think Progress



China is just about the same size as the United States, but livable land is in short supply. With the population and economy still growing at a rapid clip, the government has undertaken a plan to bulldoze hundreds of mountains to create land for building on.

In a paper published in journal Nature this week, three researchers from Chang’an University in China warn that the scores of mountains already being truncated is leading to air and water pollution, erosion, and flooding. With unprecedented plans to remove over 700 mountains and fill valleys with the debris, they warn that “there has been too little modelling of the costs and benefits of land creation. Inexperience and technical problems delay projects and add costs, and the environment impacts are not being thoroughly considered.” (really?)

Totaling several hundred square miles of newly flattened land, mountaintop removal has never been carried out at this scale, warn the authors, not even in strip mining operations common in the United States. These projects in China often ignore environmental regulations in search of profit and unadulterated development. Around one-fifth of China’s population, more than 250 million people, live in mountainous areas.

In the city of Yan’an, “the air is often brown with dust owing to construction teams working on windy days without dampening the soil,” write the authors. “Forests and plants on hills and in gullies are stripped ahead of the demolition and filling.”

The project in Yan’an will double the city’s current area by creating around 30 square miles of flat ground. It is the largest project ever attempted on deposits of wind-blown silt, which can subside when wet and cause structural collapse. The scientists warn that such infill projects have never been used for urban construction.


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