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personal thought:

Romney was no more, no less, a shit-head than:

Gingrich, Santorum, Perry, Bachmann, Paul, Herman ‘hold the  sausage. baby’. >>>

So what’s your point, Grover?


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Grover Norquist

2004 – ‘from the National Review, quoted in The Republican Noise Machine by David Brock, Crown Publishers, pg. 50′


Only seven-years on, he seems to be right on schedule.


‘Grover and ATR admit the expiration of Bust Tax Cuts does NOT violate their anti-tax pledge’



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Grover And ATR Admit That The Expiration Of Bush Tax Cuts Does Not Violate Their Anti-Tax Pledge

Via: Think Progress

Republicans have developed a cultish opposition to raising tax rates on the wealthy, consistently protecting over $1 trillion in tax breaks for corporate jets, hedge fund managers, horse breeders, etc. At the epicenter of this obstinacy is Americans For Tax Reform head Grover Norquist.

Shackling Republicans to his anti-tax pledge, Norquist is dictating to Republicans that they cannot close a single tax loophole or allow one tax cut to expire, not even to entice Democrats into agreeing to much larger spending cuts.

As Matt Yglesias explains, “Norquist’s apparent veto-power over congressional Republicans” would require them to make billions in cuts that increase unemployment, slow economic growth, endanger children, undermine safety and health, and weaken the social safety net in order to satisfy his anti-tax demands.


But there may be one chink in the Norquistian armor. The Washington Post editorial board reported this morning that Norquist himself
stated that:

Allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2012 would not technically violate his pledge as . . .




The 2004 (two-thousand and four) ‘toon:

did that:



close to:

– wiping out Social Security

– wiping out welfare

– wipeing out health care

– wiping out NASA

– wiping out roads

– wiping out FAA

*** ‘The House Republicans May Shutdown FAA Over Anti-Union Demands’ ***


-wiping out more, MUCH MORE!


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