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Rick Scott (R-FL) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Tampa Bay Times

During Tuesday’s meeting of the Florida Cabinet, Gov. Rick ‘All Anal’ Scott gave a routine update on the fungal meningitis outbreak in the state. But rather than direct people to the meningitis hotline, he transposed two numbers and instead directed callers to an “adult” phone line.

The mix-up was first reported by public radio station WUSF-FM 89.7 when it posted the number as part of its Web story. A reader notified them that the number did not connect to the state Department of Health but to an adult hotline with a greeting that begins, “Hello boys, thank you for calling me on my anniversary.”



personal thought:

Perhaps a good warning about what you keep on your ‘speed-dial list’; huh, Gov?


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Krugman – ‘Getting to Crazy’

Via: NYT

There aren’t many positive aspects to the looming possibility of a U.S. debt default. But there has been, I have to admit, an element of comic relief – of the black-humor variety – in the spectacle of so many people who have been in denial suddenly waking up and smelling the crazy.

A number of commentators seem shocked at how unreasonable Republicans are being. “Has the G.O.P. gone insane?” they ask.

Why, yes, it has.

But this isn’t something that just happened, it’s the culmination of a process that has been going on for decades. Anyone surprised by the extremism and irresponsibility now on display either hasn’t been paying attention, or has been deliberately turning a blind eye.

And may I say to those suddenly agonizing over the mental health of one of our two major parties: People like YOU bear some responsibility for that party’s current state.



Here’s the point: those within the G.O.P. who had misgivings about the embrace of tax-cut fanaticism might have made a stronger stand if there had been any indication that such fanaticism came with a price, if outsiders had been willing to condemn those who took irresponsible positions.

But there has been no such price. Mr. Bush squandered the surplus of the late Clinton years, yet prominent pundits pretend that the two parties share equal blame for our debt problems.

Paul Ryan, the chairman of the House Budget Committee, proposed a supposed deficit-reduction plan that included huge tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, then received an award for fiscal responsibility.

So there has been no pressure on the G.O.P. to show any kind of responsibility, or even rationality – and sure enough, it has gone off the deep end.

If you’re surprised, that means that YOU were part of the problem.


You can read the whole column, HERE:



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Governor Rick Scott (R-FL) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) has launched an aggressive campaign against government services since taking office, slashing funding on everything from unemployment insurance to education to aid for homeless veterans, to high-speed rail, helping him become the least popular governor in America just six months into his term.

But his latest target is one of his boldest yet.

According to a report by Florida’s Capitol News Service, Scott wanted to disband the Florida Highway Patrol during the last legislative session, but was rebuffed by the state’s sheriffs, who would have been forced to takeover the disbanded forces’ duties. Aimed at cost-cutting, the move would likely have increased local property taxes, which are used to pay sheriff’s departments:

“If a deal was worked out, the funding might be here one year and the funding could disappear in the next legislative session,” Harrell Reid, president of the Florida Sheriff’s Association said. […]

Rick Scott side stepped the question of why he was willing to transfer the Patrol to local sheriffs. […] “It’s good to have a  conversation about how can we do a good job with what the state ought to be involved with in law enforcement,” Scott said.

Even Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight, who served on Scott’s transition team, slammed the idea. “[T]he sheriff’s office is not equipped to handle those additional burdens and responsibilities.”

Rich Roberts with the International Union of Police Associations agreed, saying the plan could create a “greater danger to the public” by decreasing response times and operational efficiency.


No wonder that after 20 years of supporting Republicans for governor, Florida police unions abandoned Scott.

The Broward County Police Benevolent Association even held a “Party to Leave the Party” two weeks ago in which their members left the GOP en masse.



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(2 of 2) ‘Dumbing Down Americuh’ – well, lets start with Governor Rick Scott (R-FL)

Via: Think Progress


Last week, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) — buoyed by legislators who received hundreds of thousands of dollars of special interest cash — signed into law legislation that would dramatically expand access to school vouchers, which funnel taxpayer dollars into private schools.

Scott is doing this despite proposing nearly $3 BILLION in cuts to public education, meaning that he is essentially transfering money from public education to private education.


On the same day that Scott signed into law his latest attack on public education, Gus Garcia-Roberts of the Miami New Times published a story looking at the case of InterAmerican Christian Academy, a private school located in Doral, Florida. Garcia-Roberts amazingly enrolled at
the school and earned a diploma after only eight days of schoolwork and $399:



photo caption:

Inter American Acadamy is Registered and Listed with the Florida Department of Education and meet all requirements of a non-public school, in accordance with State of Florida Statues, 229.808.  Registered #135488. Tallahasse, FL”
(1 0f 2) ‘Dumbing Down Americuh’ – Doral School Awards Dubious (???) Diplomas’

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(1 of 2) ‘Dumbing Down Americuh’ – Doral school awards dubious (???) diplomas

Via: Miami New Times

It began with a poster on a streetlight in downtown Miami: “High School Diploma.”

I dialed, and a chipper female voice answered, “Hello. High school.”

EIGHT days and $399 in cash later, at the school’s Doral “campus” — a cramped third-floor office next door to US Lubricant LLC and across the hall from a hair extensions company — I was grinning widely, accepting a framed diploma and an official transcript sporting a 3.41 GPA.

The degree is accepted at, among other local institutions of higher education, Miami Dade College. And it came blissfully free of that pesky annoyance suffered by thousands of local students graduating from high school this month: education.

At InterAmerican Christian Academy, my new alma mater, to earn a diploma you need only to pass five very brief and easy take-home tests. Because I can’t be bothered with such things, I distributed them to local kids ages 8 to 13 to complete. Then I copied their answers.

The youngsters didn’t break a sweat. “This is medium-easy,” said the 8-year-old girl who completed high school English literature for me. “No problems,” commented the 10-year-old who nailed math.



From their website:

Mission:  To unite and educate members of our worshiping community through Christ.

Vision:  To bring Hope and assistance to those in need in our community in the form of education.
1. We believe that the Holy Bible, both old and new testament were inspired by God, all the teachings are Holy and real.
2. There is only one God, existing eternally in the Trinity: The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit.
3. We believe that Salvation is a gift of God’s Grace.  Salvation has been provided through Jesus Christ for all men.  Those who   repent and believe in him, are born again through the Holy Spirit and receive the gift of eternal life.
4.  We believe in the spiritual unity of followers and believers in Christ.
5.  We believe in the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We believe in the resurrection of the dead.

6.  To God we give all the Glory; except of course the $399, preferably cash.

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‘Florida cuts unemployment benefits to pay for?

You guessed it, corporate tax cuts’


Via: Think Progress

Florida Republicans this weekend also succeeded in reducing their state’s unemployment benefits, sending a bill to Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) for his signature:

A bill that would establish some of the deepest and most far-reaching cuts in unemployment benefits in the nation is heading for the desk of Gov. Rick Scott…The legislation would cut maximum state benefits to 23 weeks from 26 when the jobless rate is 10.5 percent or higher. If lower, the maximum would decline on a sliding scale until bottoming at 12 weeks if the jobless rate was 5 percent or less.

As the National Employment Law Project pointed out, with this bill, Florida will “go further than any other state in DISMANTLING its unemployment insurance system.”


Adding insult to injury, the money saved from cutting unemployment benefits will be used to reduce business taxes in a state where the corporate tax rate is already exceedingly low.

Scott had been looking to cut corporate taxes even further, but was rebuffed by the legislature.



earlier blog:

‘Is Governor Rick Scott a Grifter?’



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Q: Is Governor Rick Scott a Grifter? A: Oh, hell yeah!

via: Huffington Post – Jason Linkins

‘Floridians Are Maybe Starting To Understand Their Governor Is A Grifter’


Despite his being best known as a cartoon villain fraudster who bilked Medicare and incurred a record-setting fine from authorities, Florida Governor Rick Scott outspent and outgunned his primary opponent Bill McCollum and then slipped past Democratic challenger Alex Sink in the 2010 GOP wave.

And now, after THREE MONTHS in OFFICE, he’s become the very face of buyer’s remorse.

A PPP poll of registered voters released today shows that in a hypothetical re-do of last year’s gubernatorial election, Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) would LOSE to Democrat Alex Sink by a nearly 20-POINT MARGIN, 56%-37%. Scott won a squeaker of an election last year, edging out Sink by about one point.


note: At this point in the article, Mr Linkin, is merely getting warmed up.


grift //  (grft) Slang

n. 1. Money made dishonestly, as in a swindle.

2. A swindle or confidence game.

v. grift·ed, grift·ing, grifts
v.intr. To engage in swindling or cheating.
v.tr. To obtain by swindling or cheating.

[Perhaps alteration of graft.]

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