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“Quote of the Day”


Q: Is a ‘Class War’ coming?

A: Damn right it is!


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Rich Guy CEO: 99 Percent Should STOP COMPLAINING!


Bud Konheim has a message for all of the 99 percenters: You’re luckier than you think.

Konheim, CEO and co-founder of luxury-fashion company Nicole Miller, said on CNBC’s “Quawk Box” on Wednesday that Americans not in the top 1 percent would be considered wealthy in most of the world. He said the 99ers should stop complaining and understand how lucky they are.

We’ve got a country that the poverty level is wealth in 99 percent of the rest of the world,” he said. “So we’re talking about woe is me, woe is us, woe is this.” He added that “the guy that’s making, oh my God, he’s making $35,000 a year, why don’t we try that out in India or some countries we can’t even name. China, anyplace, the guy is wealthy.”



1. Do the math, Bud:

$35,000 / 52 weeks /40 hours per week = $16.83 per hour

President Obama want to raise the Federal minimum wage from $7.25 ($15,080 per annum) to $10.10 ($21,008 per annum)


2. ‘Some countries we can’t even name’

Let me quess here Bud, the country where you have stupid lookin’ clothes made, right?

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