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Al Roker calls out GOP Georgia Governor over poor planning for weather


The Today Show‘s weatherman, Al Roker, was in rare form when he called out Georgia’s governor and Atlanta’s mayor over poor

“Here’s the problem. 

They could be prepared. 

The mayor and governor got on TV yesterday and said ‘Oh this wasn’t expected.’ and that’s not true.  We were talking about this Monday that this was going to happen. 

They took a gamble.  They did NOT pre-treat the roads. 

I do not think they wanted to spend the money and do what they needed to and then everybody started going home around noon and by around 1:30 I-285, I-75,  I-85 was a parking lot and this was poor planning on the mayor’s part and the governor’s part.  Pure and simple. 

They were warned about it. 

They should have been prepared for it, and people are still suffering.  The roads are still gridlocked. 

It’s a shame, it really is.”



Question of the Day: Do these ‘Redneck Goobers’ have even enough sense to slow-down in the ‘snow and ice’?

Answer: SEE PHOTO!



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