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Pete Kelly (R-AK) – ‘GOP Asshole of the Day’


The ‘War on Women’ is real – VOTE  these assholes out in November!


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“Quote of the Day”

Via: FreeWoodPost


The segment started off well enough. It was really just a puff piece about the meaning of Thanksgiving in people’s lives. Things derailed quickly however, when the interviewer asked Palin about the controversy surrounding the holiday.

Palin sat dumbfounded (See photo) unaware of any controversy.

The host went on to fill her in on the fact that many Native American tribes do not celebrate the holiday. In fact, it is a day of mourning for them. And those that do celebrate the day do so because it is a reminder that they survived mass murder, forced relocation, the theft of their land and many other injustices.

Palin’s response was astounding, “Thanksgiving is for REAL AMERICANS not Injuns. We founded this Christian nation. Why if it wasn’t for the God-fearing pilgrims, the natives would still be running around in loin cloths shooting at things with their arrows.”

The gracious host tried to save her by stating, “Surely, you’re aware that the Indians were the native population of this country and were driven from their homes by the European settlers.

This further incited Palin and her rant continued, “I’ll tell ya what I know. I know that these tribes do a lot of whining. I mean they got special rights up the wazzoo. They have those casinos all over the place. Seems to me they got a great deal. If they would just put down the bottle and whatever they’re smoking in those peace pipes and get a job like the rest of us, they’d be alright. I see it all the time in Alaska with the Inuit. They just don’t want to join the rest of us. They’re still hunting whale for gosh sake.”


The station quickly went to commercial break and Palin was gone when the show resumed.



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“Quote of the Day”


“A spent a couple of sequesters at the University of Hawaii, but I preferred the quarter system.”

– Sarh Palin, former part-time Govenor, did not say; although . . .


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Why Is The Jack-Booted Government Arresting All These Nice White Supremacists?

Via: Wonkette

Hello, it is called “freedom to assemble” and “freedom of association” and “freedom of speech” and “freedom to try to manufacture ricin” and it is IN THE CONSTITUTION, SHEEPLE.

Why is the government illegally arresting all these various white supremacists just because they are trying to start a race war?

Because Barack Obama wants your guns, that is why. RISE UP! (Please don’t rise up.)


Let us document the law enforcement atrocities.

Law enforcement officials in central Florida have been rounding up members of a white supremacist group who were allegedly training with weapons at a rural Osceola County compound. The training was reportedly in preparation for a coming “race war.” [Also: ricin.]

In Alaska on Monday, a 12-member jury was selected in the trial of three militia members who are accused of planning to kill judges and police, according to the Anchorage Daily News.

In Georgia on Tuesday, two militia members who had allegedly planned to attack government workers and buildings attended a pretrial hearing after two of their alleged conspirators agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors, according to the Associated Press.


Oh noez they are going to arrest all these brave Nazi patriots and send them to the FEMA Camps, on the FEMA Trains, just for trying to start a race war and insurrection against the Mud People/Brown Hordes of Amerikkka!

Be afraid, America. Next, will they come for YOU?



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Don Young (R-AK) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

At a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the dangers of drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) exploded with rage.

The hearing, with witnesses requested by the Democratic minority, was scheduled by Republicans for Friday afternoon. “I call it garbage, Dr. Rice,” Young said, addressing his comments to Dr. Douglas Brinkley, a historian at Rice University. When Brinkley corrected his name, Young grew even more apoplectic, saying, “I can call you anything I want if you sit in that chair.”

YOUNG: If you ever want want to see an exercise in futility … That side has already made up its mind and this side has already made up its mind. I call it garbage, Dr. Rice, it comes from the mouth –

BRINKLEY: It’s Dr. Brinkley. Rice is a university –

YOUNG: Well, okay, I can call you anything I want if you sit in that chair. You just be quiet! You be quiet!


After Young’s irate outburst, Committee chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) castigated Dr. Brinkley for interrupting the Alaska congressman and disrupting the “comity” of the hearing.

“The Arctic plain is really nothing,” Young continued, calling Dr. Brinkley “elitist.” “You can go on all the pontifigurds you want . . . I’m really pissed.”

“Some people love money more than their homeland or where they live,” Dr. Brinkley said later, rebuking Young for his hatred of the undrilled Alaskan wilderness.



comity: friendly social atmosphere : social harmony <group activities promoting comity>

comedy: a drama of light and amusing character and typically with a happy ending


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