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The ‘Chief Paultard’ gets tough on the Social Security ‘slackers’

Via: Think Progress

STEIN: A bit of a personal question then, are you on Social Security? Do you get Social Security checks?

PAUL: I do.

STEIN: Well, I mean, is there — you just told younger generations that they should ween themselves off this social contract.

PAUL: That is true.

STEIN: But you haven’t done it yourself…Don’t you think you chould have set a good example for the future generations. You’re not the wealthiest man in congress, I know that, but you have enough means to take care of yourself in retirement…Couldn’t you have set an example?

PAUL: No. I think the programs are so designed, just as I use the post office too, I use government highways, I do that too, I use the banks, the federal reserve system, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t work to remove this in the same way on Social Security.


Well okay, not too tough.



You Tube: ‘Ron Paul Compares Social Security and Medicare to Slavery’



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(2 of 2) NASCAR

Via: Think Progress

“[T]he crowd initially BOOED Mr. Romney, who occasionally struck a discordant note, as when he approached a group of fans wearing plastic ponchos. ‘I like those fancy raincoats you bought,’ he said. ‘Really sprung for the big bucks.’”



You can’t spell Romney, without M*O*N*E*Y


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Get a Real Job

Via: Eater

Many thanks to Twitterer @FutureExBanker for sending in this receipt as evidence that “my jerk boss tips exactly 1%” because he “loathes the 99%.” (And here’s hoping that doing so doesn’t make him or her a current ex-banker.)

The jerk boss also thinks that Breanna, a server at True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach, California, maybe ought to “get a real job.”

Well, she might have to if assholes keep on leaving her $1.33 on $135 tickets. Condolences to Breanna the server.




“Banker’s 1% Tip is a Hoax; Real Receipt Obtained”



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Retired Cardinal Edward Egan Faces Criticism For Taking Back Abuse Apology

Via: Huffington Post

Retired New York Cardinal Edward Egan  (see above) is facing criticism from representatives of clergy sexual abuse victims for a recent interview in which he said he regretted apologizing for the priest abuse scandal in 2002 when he was bishop of Bridgeport.

In the interview with Connecticut Magazine, Egan said “I don’t think we did anything wrong” in handling abuse cases. He said he was not obligated to report abuse claims and maintained he inherited the cases from his predecessor and did not have any cases on his watch, according to the magazine.

Clergy in Connecticut have been REQUIRED to report abuse claims to authorities since the early 1970s, according to attorneys who represented numerous abuse victims.

“Egan never did so and his failure to do so constitutes a violation of the law,” said the attorneys, Jason Tremont, Cindy Robinson and Douglas Mahoney.


The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests called Egan “obviously unrepentant, self-absorbed and painfully dismissive of the abject suffering of tens of thousands of deeply wounded men, women and children who have been sexually violated by priests, nuns, bishops, brothers, seminarians and other Catholic officials. We can’t help but believe that many other prelates feel exactly as he does but are shrewd enough to avoid saying so outside of clerical circles.”

SNAP urged other American Catholic officials, especially in New York and Connecticut, to publicly rebuke Egan.



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(1 of 3) CONVICTED money-launderer, (former) Rep Tom Delay (R-TX), heartfelt endorsement of Newt

Via: Think Progress

In an interview on KTRH-AM radio yesterday, former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-TX) went after his former colleague Newt Gingrich, calling him “erratic” and “not really a conservative.” Here’s some choice quotes from the former pest control company owner-turned-convicted felon:

– Newt’s Erratic: As speaker, Newt “was erratic, undisciplined.” Gingrich would propose one agenda, the Republican leadership would prepare for it, and several days later, he would have a completely different agenda. “We spent a lot of time working with Newt, if you will, to keep him focused and keep him online with the agenda we had promised the American people.”

Newt’s Not Conservative: Gingrich is “not really a conservative,” but someone who will “tell you what you want to hear.” Newt stepped down as Speaker because “conservative Republicans, wouldn’t vote for him again.”

Newt’s Not Principled: “I’m not disparaging him (Oh, heavens no!), I’m just telling you who he is. He doesn’t stand on principle.”


DeLay, convicted of money laundering last January and sentenced to three years in prison, is currently free on bail, pending appeal.



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