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Bobby Jindal (R-LA) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

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The National Governors Association is typically an effort to bring Democrats and Republicans together in a BIPARTISAN, but instead Gov. Bobby Jindal broke protocol and launched an attack on President Obama which was described by Connecticut Gov. Dan Malloy as “the most insane statement I’ve ever heard.”


Gov Bobby Jindal insists he’s not insane, which is exactly what an insane person would say.



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Louisiana Rated Worst State For Women


Women in the United States earn an average of 77 cents for every dollar that men make, face many barriers to reproductive health care and are significantly underrepresented in leadership roles.

But the worst state for women BY FAR is Louisiana, according to a state-by-state examination of these issues released Wednesday by the Center for American Progress.

In terms of economic security, health and leadership representation, the analysis rates Louisiana the lowest. Full-time working women in Louisiana earn only 67 percent of what men earn, on average, and more than one in five women and girls in Louisiana are currently living in poverty.

Only 12 percent of Louisiana’s congressional seats are held by women, and the state has one of the top 10 worst maternal mortality rates in the country. There is only one OB-GYN for every 13,136 women in Louisiana, and nearly 20 percent of non-elderly women in the state are uninsured. Louisiana also requires an ultrasound, waiting period and counseling session before a woman can have an abortion.

The report also considered in its ratings the state’s minimum wage, family leave policies, percentage of 4-year-olds enrolled in pre-K, the gender management gap and publicly funded contraceptive services.

Other states that earned an “F” overall in these categories are Utah, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, Arkansas, South Dakota, Indiana and Georgia. (ALL Republican, imagine that!).

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Tell ya what I think might help.

In 2016, Elect Hillary Clinton President!

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Bobby Kenneth Jindal

Via: Huffington Post

Hoping to avoid a struggle similar to that between President Obama and the so-called “birther movement,” Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal released his own birth certificate on Friday.

Jindal, who is of Indian heritage, publicly issued the document “knowing that his own status will certainly be examined in the event he ends up on a presidential ticket,” The Times-Picayune reports.

Born Piyush Jindal on June 10, 1971, the former congressman arrived in the U.S. in utero, his mother, Raj Jindal, three months pregnant and moving to Baton Rouge with a scholarship offer to study nuclear physics at Louisiana State University



Via: NBC New York

‘Lure of Citizenship Spawns “Birth Tourism” in NYC’

Inside a 700-square foot room, there is a double bed, a flat-screen television with cable, and a little terrace that overlooks a quiet residential street. It could easily be a bed and breakfast, but it’s not.

It’s a suite inside a maternity center in Flushing, Queens called Cupid’s House -(a.k.a. ‘Anchor Baby House’) a center that caters to so-called birth tourists — women who travel to America to give birth and leave with their American babies.

“Many of them want American citizenship for their children,” said Anna, the owner of Cupid’s House. While she advertises on her website, USANYBABY.com, and in Chinese papers, she realizes how controversial her business has become.


USANYBABY.com in English


USANYBABY.com in Hindi


Note: Barack Obama’s mother didn’t need this, because she was already an AMERICAN CITIZEN!


Via: Politico

‘Jindal’s Kenneth problem’

Bobby Jindal has a wunderkind resume: a Rhodes Scholar appointed assistant secretary of Health and Human Services at age 29, elected to the U.S. House at 33 and governor of Louisiana at 36.

Increasingly, though, he’s being likened to Kenneth, the dweeby page on “30 Rock.”

The politically devastating comparisons started popping right up after Jindal delivered the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s address a joint session of Congress. And they’ve spread like wildfire on the Internet.

“Close your eyes and think of Kenneth from ‘30 Rock.’ I can barely count the number of e-mails making that observation,” Andrew Sullivan wrote on his blog minutes after Jindal’s speech.


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Louisiana – ‘Scarlet Letter’ (version 2.0)

Via: Huffington Post

NEW ORLEANS — In their neighborhoods, they are sometimes taunted with dirty looks and jeers. Their pictures hang on the walls of local community centers where their children and grandchildren play. And their names and addresses are listed in newspapers and mailed out on postcards to everyone in the neighborhood.

Landing a job or even finding a landlord willing to give them a place to stay is a challenge.

These women wear a scarlet letter — rather, 11 letters — spelled out on their driver’s licenses in bright orange text: SEX OFFENDER.

They aren’t child molesters or pedophiles. Most are poor, hard-luck black women in New Orleans who agreed to exchange oral or anal sex for money. In doing so they violated the latest version of Louisiana’s 206-year-old Crime Against Nature law, which carries a maximum penalty of up to five years in prison and registration as a sex offender.


Opponents of the law say it is discriminatory and targets poor women and the gay and transgendered community who engage in what they call “survival sex.” In March, the Center for Constitutional Rights filed a lawsuit on behalf of nine anonymous plaintiffs against the state, Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) and a host of state agencies, calling the law unconstitutional.

“There are a number of absurd things in the Louisiana laws, and this is one of the more absurd,” said R. Judson Mitchell, a law professor at the law clinic at Loyola University in New Orleans. “There are crimes against nature happening at strip clubs on Bourbon Street every single night. The difference is we are dealing with women that didn’t have a fancy strip club to go to.”



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