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Watch: FOX News Fumes as Breaking Bad Star Praises Obamacare

Via: DemoNews



In a recent interview with Katie Couric, Bryan Cranston, the star of AMC’s critically-acclaimed show Breaking Bad, expressed his support of Obamacare, calling it “fantastic.” In response, Fox News criticized his comments because, well, do you really need a reason?

Breaking Bad, as most people know, revolves around the exploits of Walter White, played by Cranston, a once-humble high school chemistry teacher who is compelled to start cooking meth to cover the costs of his lung cancer treatment.

In the interview, Cranston acknowledged that, despite problems, the Affordable Care Act, known popularly as Obamacare, is a step in the right direction.

Anything worthwhile is going to go through growing pains, period. But this is [President Obama’s] legacy, and I think it’s a great one. Because I don’t think that basic health care should be a privilege of the rich. It should be a right to all.”


Cue the ire of the Fox News talking heads, who lambasted Cranston for being both hypocritical and a SHRILL for the Obama Administration.

The Five’s Eric Bolling sarcastically remarked that he loved it “when the rich guys say, ‘Basic health care shouldn’t be a privilege.’”

Greg Gutfeld followed this by questioning: “How weird is it that a guy who plays a dark, brooding anti-hero is really a puppet to The Man? I mean, he just propagandized for President Obama.”






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