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“Quote of the Day”


Via: Yahoo News

“He wanted to be president less than anyone I’ve met in my life,” Tagg Romney (photo: FAR right) told the paper.

“He had no desire to … run. If he could have found someone else to take his place … he would have been ecstatic to step aside.”


Read more, HERE:




“If he could have found someone else to take his place …”

Hey, what about Michele ‘bat-shit insane’ Bachmann? Or, Herman ‘hold the sausage’ Cain? Or, ‘Frothy’ Santorum?

Well, I believe the GOP wingnuts who supported them during the campaign, thought they were eminently qualified.


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$65.95 – Herman ‘hold the sausage’ Cain; with one, and ONLY one ‘playmate’

photo: I believe his ‘current’ playmate is Orly ‘the Birther Queen’ Taitz; next week, don’t know.


The website for  Hero Builder ‘The Last American Toy Company’; that’s right, even the Chinese refused to make this krap!



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Brain buffering.

Oh yeah, he’s a perfect fit for Fox News.


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Pat Oliphant – ‘Why here comes Mr Sandusky’


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Herman ‘hold the sausage, baby’ Cain’s – “Women for Cain’

Via: Huffington Post


Meanwhile, “Women For Herman Cain” launched Friday and Gloria is listed as the group’s National Chairperson.

The site uses an image of several ethnically diverse women giving the thumbs up; these are not Cain supporters but models for a stock photo.

Actual female supporters have posted words of encouragement for the couple and harsh attacks against Cain’s accusers.



Q: How do we know the ‘Actual female supporters’ are not ‘phony’, like the ‘stock photos’?

(see photo above)

A: “Well gee, I never thought of that”, said the Cain supporter.


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Donald Trump To Moderate Holiday Republican Debate

Via: Wonkette

Remember a few months ago when the Republicans were excited about … right, Donald Trump?

And then something happened, we never knew exactly what, and he was “no longer a viable candidate.”

His multi-million ill-gotten fortune couldn’t have been the problem, because Mitt’s still in.

The serial adultery and divorces and tacky new wives? Nope, Newt’s still around.

Being mentally ill? Hasn’t stopped Bachmann!

What about the basic ignorance and stupidity? Rick Perry hasn’t quit the race, and it’s not what’s making Herman Cain quit, either.

Maybe it was his national joke of a hairpiece?

Whatever the reason, Donald Trump was at least as qualified as all the other GOP candidates combined, so now he gets the consolation prize of moderating a Republican debate, presumably because Kermit the Frog had a prior commitment (and some morals).


The NYT reports on this latest slip down the GOP’s evolutionary ladder:

Donald Trump is pairing up with Newsmax, the conservative magazine and news Web site, to moderate a presidential debate in Des Moines on Dec. 27.

“Our readers and the grass roots really love Trump,” said Christopher Ruddy, chief executive of Newsmax Media. “They may not agree with him on everything, but they don’t see him as owned by the Washington establishment, the media establishment.”

Mr. Trump’s role in the debate, which will be broadcast on the cable network Ion Television, is sure to be one of the more memorable moments in a primary season that has already delivered its fair share of circus-like spectacle.


Oh come on, liberal New York Times! You are insulting circus-like spectacles and the reputation of professional clowns and freaks.

So, on December 27 when lonely old GOP primary voters are starting to realize their kids really aren’t coming for Christmas this year, Donald Trump and the senior-citizen webzine Newsmax will finally provide some top-notch holiday entertainment.



personal thought:

I really enjoy reading the Wonkette, but I wish they would be more straight-forward with what they really believe; know what I mean?


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Former Republican Senator: The GOP Presidential Field Is ‘Embarrassing’

Via: Think Progress

Republican John Danforth, who served as a senator from Missouri for nearly 20 years and later as George W. Bush’s ambassador the United Nations, is not happy with the slate of Republican presidential candidates. “I’ve been watching some of these Republican debates and they’re just terrible. Terrible,” he told KTRS in St. Louis yesterday. “It’s embarrassing for me as a Republican to watch this stuff,” he added, calling out audiences for applauding the candidates’ morbid boastings.

Via Fired Up Missouri:

DANFORTH: “What have been the big applause lines in these debates? Well, a statement that the governor of Texas is responsible for killing 234 people on death row. Or that we favor torture. Or that we’re creating a fence on the Mexican border that electrocutes people when they try to cross it. Or when people show up at the emergency room at hospitals and they’re not insured don’t treat them. And that, I mean these are the big applause lines, people just hoop and holler when they hear all that. […]

It doesn’t have anything to do with the republican party that I was a part of. This is just totally different. And all of these people who are saying this, y’know, and claiming that, y’know, they’re for all this stuff, they also sort of ostentatiously say, “Oh, we’re very religious people. We really, we’re just very pious, Christian people.” They were for torture, and electrocution of the people on along the border and all of that. That doesn’t have anything to do with, is contrary to the Christianity that I understand.”



personal thought:

IF a candidate wants to win the primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Florida, and the of course the GOP nomination, he/she has no other choice.

I just hope the Democrats and Independents remember who these bozos are when they go to the Ballot box in November.


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Cain’s wife didn’t know hubby was giving Ginger White money

Via: The Atlantic Wire

Herman ‘hold the sausage, baby’ Cain gave Ginger White money to pay for her “month-to-month bills and expenses”  without telling his wife, he explained to the New Hampshire Union-Leader‘s editorial board Thursday, but she understands.

Gloria Cain didn’t know the two were “friends” until White told an Atlanta TV station that she’d had a 13-year affair with Cain that ended in March, John DiStaso reports.

Despite the shock that Mrs. Cain must have experienced this week, Cain isn’t meeting with her face-to-face till Friday, when he says she’ll have the final say over whether he should continue his presidential campaign (/marriage?).

But by phone, apparently, Cain says she’s “comfortable with the explanation that I told her… My wife understands that I’m a soft-hearted giving person.”




“My wife understands that I’m a soft-hearted giving person” – George ‘Kingfish’ Stevens


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“Dans un bar de Pigalle en 1938 un “apache” et sa protégée.” © Émile Savitry

Via: Firt Time User



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Herman Cain’s World Map Is Not a Joke (no, but Cain is)

Via: Atlantic Wire

Herman Cain has released a “vision for foreign policy and national security” on his web site, and it includes a map in which he labels major world countries with pithy (and boy do we mean pithy) summaries of the U.S. relationship with them.

So while Canada gets the label “friend and ally,” Pakistan gets the more foreboding “Danger and opportunity.” The accompanying text actually expands on each of these labels, but just looking at the map, folks on Twitter like Harry Reid’s spokesman wondered if it was a parody of Cain’s foreign policy, reducing complex relationships to two word epithets.

His labels reminds us a bit of the brilliant part of the movie Mean Girls in which one character quickly summarizes the stereotype under which each lunch table in the cafeteria falls. “You’ve got your Freshmen, ROTC guys, Preps, JV Jocks, Asian Nerds, Cool Asians…” This map feels like Herman Cain’s tour of the world’s cafeteria.

The map he used actually shows the density of Facebook connections from various parts of the world, with higher densities showing up brighter on the map and lower densities remaining dark. CNN reports that Cain said of this map, “Where you see the most light, that’s where there’s the most amount of freedom. Where you see the most light is where you see the greatest amount of economic development,” and . . .

and, “You’ll also note on this map that some of the darkest areas are the Communist areas because they deny their citizens access to this global economy and this global information source called the Internet.” 



“The UK is ‘Our Special Relationship’; kinda/sorta like my thirteen-year relationship with Ginger White”.

Oh, okay, got it.


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