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People’s Pope approval ratings SOARS – cnn

Via:Huffinton Post


The Holy See is about to get an early Christmas present this year.

A new CNN poll released Tuesday found that 88% of American Catholics view Pope Francis favorably. Additionally, nearly 75% of Americans in general think he’s doing a good job.

It’s been quite a year for the new Pope. Named Time’s Person Of The Year, he’s been cited for his relatively progressive views on homosexuality, his criticisms of capitalism and his advocacy for the poor.

The iconic LGBT magazine The Advocate named Pope Francis their person of the year after comments he made this summer about gay priests. “If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?”, he told a reporter in July. While his comments are hardly an endorsement of same-sex marriage, they mark a major shift from the church’s legacy on homosexuality.



Personal Thought:

I know he’s very busy, but hopefully he’ll find some time to come to the U.S. and say, “You’re Fired!” – beginning with Cardinal Timothy Dolan.


“Well, I think maybe we’ve been out-marketed, sometimes,” Dolan replied. “We’ve been caricatured as being anti-gay. And as much as we’d say, ‘Wait a minute, we’re pro marriage, we’re pro traditional marriage, we’re not anti anybody,’ I don’t know. When you have forces like Hollywood, when you have forces like politicians, when you have forces like some opinion-molders that are behind it, it’s a tough battle.” – Cardinal Dolan


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Cardinal Dolan (R-NY) – ‘Xristian Xrazy of the Day’

Via:Huffington Post

Pope-Sunday Services

New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan says the Roman Catholic Church has been “OUTMARKETED” on the issue of gay marriage and has been “caricatured as being anti-gay.”

Dolan’s conversation with “Meet the Press” moderator David Gregory will air Sunday on NBC.

Asked why the church is losing the argument on gay marriage, Dolan says it’s a tough battle when forces like Hollywood, politicians and “some opinion-molders” are on the other side.

But he said the gay marriage debate is not over and the church will not give up on it.


On another divisive issue, Dolan said the Catholic Church has long championed comprehensive health care.

But he indicated that U.S. Catholic bishops cannot support the Affordable Care Act as long as it includes coverage for abortion.





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