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Poll: Obama Approval UP 7 Points After DNC

Via: Think Progress

President Obama’s approval rating climbed to 52 percent, his highest rating in many months, according to Gallup’s latest poll.

The last three days of the Democratic National Convention gave him a 7 PERCENT bump in approval over three days, with a 3 PERCENT hike in just the past 24 hours.

Mitt Romney received NO BUMP in the polls from the RNC, dropping from 47 percent before the convention to 46 percent.


The DNC also surpassed the RNC in ratings; even competing with the opening night of NFL football, more people tuned in to Bill Clinton’s DNC speech than the second half of the Cowboys-Giants game.




“The opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.” – Dan Cook

Sing it Honey, cause it’s OVER!


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Via: CBS News

Jeff Clark helped save a Doberman from a burning home in 1999. It resulted in what became a world-famous photo of the dog “kissing” Clark on the scene.

Now, the Charlotte, N.C. fireman is at it again.

He and fellow vamp Alan Haynes grabbed nine brown-and-white puppies who were trapped in a house engulfed in flames earlier this week.

When they and other firefighters got there, they saw heavy smoke rising from the structure, and a man standing outside with an adult female dog.

Clark told co-anchor Chris Wragge on “The Early Show Saturday Edition” he and Haynes “just happened to be able to grab” the pups. He said it “wasn’t very difficult. The engine companies on scene … did an excellent job in the fire take-down, which lifted the smoke so that we had good visibility. The puppies were in a little pantry area off the kitchen next to a water heater. They were all on the floor. They were making some noise … and luckily, we had a blanket and were just able to grab them.”

Haynes showed Wragge pet respirators many Charlotte fire units carry with them, and they were put to good use at this fire. Haynes said they “work very well.”

Though one of the pups has since died, Clark described several coincidences between his ’99 rescue and the latest one, saying, “Cinnamon (the Doberman) … was the mother of nine puppies. … We were able get her out of the house and here it is nine, 10 years later, and this time, it’s puppies. So it’s just a very unique situation.



Grat.i.tude: the quality of feeling grateful, or thankful.


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‘Vigilante Grannies’ are on the crime case

Via: Charlotte Observer

Embroidery. State bowling champ. Wife, mother, grandmom and  great-grandmom.

But when vandals targeted her Stallings community in Union County a few  months ago, Ritch recruited several other grandmothers to do something about  it.

They call themselves the “Vigilante Grannies.”

They leave notes on suspicious cars, watch who hangs out in the park and  don’t hesitate to contact police. Their work has already contributed to one  arrest and neighbors say they feel safer in their Fairfield Plantation  homes.

“It takes a serious thing and identifies it in a way that a lot of folks can  relate to,” Ritch said. “Our motto is, ‘fear is not in our makeup.’

Read more, HERE:


Right On, Sisters!


personal thought:

I think what this country needs is a ‘take no prisioners’ grannie; like the  late and great Maggie Khun (see photo); the founder of the Gray Panthers.


Maggie Khun – wikipedia



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