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Here’s what $835 per month will get you in Chicago, and what you get in Chiang Mai, Thailand





$832 for one bedroom right next to the University of Illinois at Chicago, sharing a fully furnished four-bedroom apartment with three girls.

Chicago has a generous affordable housing program and lots of subsidized units to provide, but a long waiting list sits between the applicant and a chance at living comfortably in Chi-town. The red tape includes a criminal background check, income verification and registration for the lottery system.








Officially launched on the 15 November 2004 Viangbua Mansion is the latest & newest room service apartment in Chiangmai Thailand  offered Deluxe Rooms Type 2 ($732 USD) fully furnished and built with luxury interior decor with contemporary Thai-Lanna Style – Northern Thailand Culture. These rooms are now open for reservation, booking & rental on a daily, weekly & monthly basis. These spacious deluxe rooms with 1 bedroom ( 1 Queen-size bed), 1 large living room, 1 bathroom (separated shower and bathtub). The details are as below:

86 sm  (916 sf) bedroom separate from 1 large living room & 1 bathroom)
Bedroom : One Queen-size bed, two table lamps.
Living room :  21″ television
Bathroom : Seperated Shower area and bathtub with water heater.
One spacious room (86 square meter) with standard inventories
: Bed basement 2 pieces, Mattress 2 pieces, Pillow & pillow case 2 pieces, Telephone set, Air condition with remote control, Sofa, sofa mattress, sofa pillow,  Lighting 2 pieces, Chair, Hot Water Machine, Curtain, TV 21″ Flat Screen with remote control, Refrigerator, Living room table with glass plate, Cupboard, Drawer, Bed Cupboard, Television Table, Key Card, Blanket 2 pieces, Cover bed sheet 2 pieces, Towel 2 pieces, Foot towel & Bed sheet 2 pieces.

Also include:

– housekeeping 3-days per week

– room service from the 1st floor restaurant

– 24-hour a day security


– cable TV





Still too expensive for you?

I understand.

Viangbua has bought, and FULLY REMOVATED a old student housing building. It now includes, WIFI and cable TV.


4,000 baht = $123 USD per month








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Vivian Maier – ‘Street Photographer’


See more of her wonderful photographs, HERE:




Vivian Dorothea Maier (February 1, 1926 – April 21, 2009) was an American street photographer, who was born in New York City and spent much of her childhood in France.

After returning to the United States, she worked for approximately forty years as a nanny in Chicago, Illinois. During those years, she took more than 100,000 photographs, primarily of people and cityscapes in Chicago, although she traveled and photographed worldwide.



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Locomotives – Image Gallery

Via: Facie Populi


Unknown Photographer

Five steam locomotives, side by side, outbound from Chicago at dusk, ca. 1940


See more photos, HERE:



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Light – Image Gallery

Via: Facie Populi

Jack Delano

In the waiting room of the Chicago Union Station, Illinois, 1943

. . .

See more photos, HERE:



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1930’s – Image Gallery

Via: Facie Populi

William M. Rittase – ‘Light Rays on Trains’ –  La Salle Street Station, Chicago, 1931


See more photos, HERE:



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“Photo of the Day”

Via: Atlantic Wire

“Woman was on the phone being interviewed for a job and this guy (Rahm Emanuel – the Mayor of Chicago) took her phone to put in a good word.”



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Chicago – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy – ‘Always Something Interesting’

August 1942. Republic Drill and Tool, Chicago.

“Pioneers of the production line, these young workers are among the first women to operate a centerless grinder in this Midwest drill and tool plant, manned almost exclusively by women.”

Ann Rosener, Office of War Information


More photos of Chicago, Illinois; HERE:




In 1942, Pittsburgh artist J. Howard Miller was hired by the Westinghouse Company’s War Production Coordinating Committee to create a series of posters for the war effort.

One of these posters became the famous “We Can Do It!” image—an image that in later years would also be called “Rosie the Riveter”, though it was never given this title during the war.

Miller based his “We Can Do It!” poster on a United Press International wire service photograph taken of Ann Arbor, Michigan, factory worker Geraldine Hoff (later Doyle), who was 17 and briefly working as a metal-stamping machine operator.

The intent of the poster was to keep production up by boosting morale, not to recruit more women workers. It was shown only to Westinghouse employees in the Midwest during a two-week period in February 1943, then it disappeared for nearly four decades. During the war, the name “Rosie” was not associated with the image, and it was not about women’s empowerment. It was only later, in the early 1980s, that the Miller poster was rediscovered and became famous, associated with feminism, and often mistakenly called “Rosie The Riveter”.




personal thought:

Not only could these women ‘could’, but they ‘DID’; and as a baby-boomer, I will be forever grateful.


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Yo-Yo meet Wibur – Wilbur meet Yo-Yo ~ all good

Via: Chicago Sun-Times

Grammy Award-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma met Brookfield Zoo’s Wilbur the Wombat on the bathroom floor of Wilbur’s dressing room during a Chicago benefit Tuesday night.

The man and marsupial, both part of the Chicago Community Trust’s 96th anniversary event, were snapped cavorting near a Harris Theater urinal by Peter Sagal, host of NPR’s “Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!”

Sagal, who interviewed Ma at the event, took the photo before the benefit started and sent it out on Twitter.

Ma asked for a “meet and greet” with Wilbur, who was there to showcase the zoo as one of the many grant recipients of the Chicago Community Trust, said Donna LaPietra, the event’s producer.

“He was done doing the rehearsal with the orchestra on stage and joined Wilbur in his dressing room,” she said. “Next thing you know he’s just down on the floor.”



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(1 of 2) Board of Trade Offers Job Counseling Advice for Occupy Chicago

Via: Chicagoist

Someone at the Chicago Board of Trade issued another message to the Occupy Chicago protesters by blanketing them with these McDonald’s job applications. The protesters are understandably offended by both the message and by the hundreds of pieces of new litter around them.

First the CBOT folks posted “We are the 1%” in their eighth floor windows a few weeks ago.

This is the second time they tossed flyers down from their ivory tower, too. They tossed down “We Are the 1% Paying For This” on Oct. 21.



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JackDelano – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy.com  – ‘Always Somehing Interesting’

November 1942 –  “Chicago (north), Illinois. Children assembled in Office of Civilian Defense headquarters for a pep talk on the need of bringing in more scrap.”

Medium-format nitrate negative by Jack Delano



Jack Delano – wikipedia



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