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‘Until you get that bitch off stage, I’ll be on my bus’ – Palin didn’t say

Via: Wonkette

What has Sarah Palin quit today?

Her own headline act at Iowa’s big Tea Party circus this Saturday.

And how is this different than everything else this mentally unstable con-artist has quit since losing her one and only national election?

Well, this time, she managed to attack her former dingbat-grifter protege Christine O’Donnell in the process, because Sarah just couldn’t stand the idea that a younger, prettier version of herself might take some of the spotlight — even though Christine O’Donnell isn’t even considered a “potential presidential candidate” by the delusional old white cranks of the Tea Party.

Oh, Sarah, you never let us down, the way you constantly let everyone down.

Read more, HERE:




‘delusional old white cranks of the Tea Party’ – she’s got the look nailed, I’d say.


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Teabagger favorite O’Donnell draws FIVE to her book signing

Via: news-press.com

Not even tea party favorite Christine O’Donnell could draw a large crowd (define large?) for her book signing Wednesday in staunchly Republican Naples during August, a month when there are few tourists and many locals are on vacation.

 Still, O’Donnell took the turnout of FIVE PEOPLE –  members of the media outnumbered customers – at Barnes & Noble in stride.


“God bless you, Tom,” she told Tom Bruzzesi of Fort Myers, who said he’s launching his own presidential campaign.

“I like her,” Bruzzesi said. “She’s kind of a rogue like me.”


“Thank you for coming out today,” O’Donnell said to Louise Campo of Naples.

“She interests me. She’s very conservative,”  Campo said.



UPDATE: After the ‘semi-large crowd’ left, Louise Campo announced she is a rouge; and decided,what the hell, she’ll launched her presidential campaign.




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Christine O’Donnell’s new venture



And, being a ‘Psycho Homoeo Treatment Centre’; she can partner with First Lady Marcus.




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Hey, who are you calling a hobbit?

Via: The Wonkette

Oh God, John McCain, he is getting more senile by the hour.

Somebody handed Walnuts a copy of the Wall Street Journal, which, in the paper’s effort to fill all of its blank pages with words about anything besides disgraced overlord owner Rupert Murdoch, said let’s type words comparing Tea Party people to hobbits.


It is a mystery why Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell are involved in this, since they are mercifully not actual elected representatives and have less than nothing to do with the entire debt ceiling negotiation.

Nonetheless, the victimized Angle shot off a flurry of angry statements and tweets calling John McCain “Lord of the TARP,” which does not rhyme with anything nor make much sense so we give that a D- for creativity. She also points out that the hobbits are sort of the heroes of the books, which okay on that one, since the WSJ metaphor didn’t entirely make sense to start.

Rand Paul somehow also got into this fray by pointlessly declaring he would rather be a hobbit than a troll. Uh, zing? Is he calling Walnuts a troll? Yes, apparently. Are there even trolls in the books? Tolkien was better at making up mythical creature names than just calling something old and confused a “troll,” but Rand Paul is not, apparently. So he gets an F.

AND of COURSE, Discover magazine points out that Middle Earth is where Mordor is pretend located, hobbits live in the Shire, etc etc, which is the only truly salient point, since it suggests that the WSJ writer did not bother to read even the Wikipedia entry for the Lord of the Rings trilogy before writing the column and confusing poor old Walnuts. HUGEST  F OF ALL



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