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‘Florida cuts unemployment benefits to pay for?

You guessed it, corporate tax cuts’


Via: Think Progress

Florida Republicans this weekend also succeeded in reducing their state’s unemployment benefits, sending a bill to Gov. Rick Scott (R-FL) for his signature:

A bill that would establish some of the deepest and most far-reaching cuts in unemployment benefits in the nation is heading for the desk of Gov. Rick Scott…The legislation would cut maximum state benefits to 23 weeks from 26 when the jobless rate is 10.5 percent or higher. If lower, the maximum would decline on a sliding scale until bottoming at 12 weeks if the jobless rate was 5 percent or less.

As the National Employment Law Project pointed out, with this bill, Florida will “go further than any other state in DISMANTLING its unemployment insurance system.”


Adding insult to injury, the money saved from cutting unemployment benefits will be used to reduce business taxes in a state where the corporate tax rate is already exceedingly low.

Scott had been looking to cut corporate taxes even further, but was rebuffed by the legislature.



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Cain: “I’d like to see NO taxes on Corporation”

Via: Think Progress


KEYES: You mentioned about the, here on tax day, the corporate tax rate, that you’d like to see it reduced from 35 percent to 25 percent. But a lot of these corporations like GE are paying nothing in taxes currently.

CAIN: You’re mixing the issues, young man. Let me tell you something. People who pick out a company that spends zero, they’re not looking at the big picture. They’re not looking at the big picture. [Crosstalk] Secondly, taxes paid by corporations get passed on to consumers.

KEYES: So would you like to see no taxes on corporations?

CAIN: I WOULD LIKE TO SEE NO TAXES ON CORPORATIONS. That’s why I favor the Fair Tax. That would be fair to consumers. That’s why I would like to see that.

KEYES: Do you think it’s fair though that they’re taking advantage of some of these loopholes?

CAIN: Now, let me tell you. THEY DIDN’T WRITE THESE LOOPHOLES. So the fact that they’re using these “loopholes,” as you’re calling it, they’re just doing what the loopholes are. Change the loopholes by eliminating the tax code and replacing it with the Fair Tax and there would be no loopholes.



“You’re mixing the issues, young man.”

“Now, let me tell you.”

“They didn’t write these loopholes.”

– Captain Philip Francis Queeg


Yeah yeah, I know the names are reversed; but still, BATSHIT INSANE!

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