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Do the Math!


Forget 33.33%.

But, how about 10.00%, or even 5.00%?

Corporations would STILL have record profits, and we’d FINALLY have a ‘balanced budget’!


Q: What about ‘job creation’?

A: Hell, even at 0.10%, corporations are doing very little hiring; because they instead are dropping ALLL the money to margin (profit), and using that to pay excessively large bonuses.


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John McCain (R-AZ) – ‘GOP Genius of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

WOODRUFF: This question of campaign money, highlighted today by the announcement that there’s a huge amount of money coming in from one donor in the state of Nevada.

MCCAIN: Mmmm hmmm. Mr. Adeleson, who gave large amounts of money to the Gingrich campaign and much of Mr. Adeleson’s casino profits, that go to him, come from this casino in Macau.

WOODRUFF: Which says what?

MCCAIN: This which says that obviously, maybe in a round-about way, FOREIGN MONEY is coming into an American campaign, political campaigns.

WOODRUFF: Because of the profits that the casinos in Macau…

MCCAIN: ‘Yes, that is a great deal of money. And, again, we need a level playing field and we need to go back to the realization that Teddy Roosevelt had that we have to have a limit on the flow of money and that corporations are not people. That’s why we have different laws that govern corporations than govern individual citizens.

And so to say that corporations are people, again, flies in the face of all the traditional Supreme Court decisions that we have made — that have been made in the past.’



personal thought:

Not that it will do any good, but I think perhaps, McCain needs to have a ‘little talk’ with Romney; mmmm hmmm.


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