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Having trouble strechhhhing your Social Security/Pension? Well hell, move to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

Via: Buy (RENT) in Chiang Mai


Size : 60 sqm (646 sf)

Bedrooms : 2
Bathrooms : 2
Furnished : Fully
Airconditioned : Fully
Floor :
Location : Chareon muang Rd. Soi 8 (Soi Kai Daeng)

1y Contract :6,500 THB/month (6,500 @ 32.50 =  $200 USD per month!)
6m Contract : 7,500 THB/month


Nice 60sqm. condo for rent in PP Condominium with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms.  All come fully furnished , living room with open kitchen  Very nice and quiet place.

This condo is located close to Train Station and Super Highway. Only 10 minutes to Central Festival,Big-C,Makro and  Chaing Mai Bus terminal.


– See more at: http://www.buyinchiangmai.com/ppf-204.html#sthash.YJIAH2VJ.dpuf


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Tired of living in the back of your brother’s truck – Well, Hell, move to Chiang Mai, Thailand!


Size : 30 sqm (323sqf)
Bedrooms : Studio
Bathrooms : 1
Furnished : Yes
Airconditioned : Yes
Floor :
Location : Charoen muang Rd. Soi 8 (Soi Kai Daeng)
12 month lease : 4,200 THB/month ($129.23 USD)
6 month lease : 4,700 THB/month ($144.62 USD)

Nice Studio Room for rent @ PP Condo. Fully furnished including air-condition, Flat-TV with TV stand, microwave, fridge, wardrobe, comfortable sofa, water heater, bed and mattress.

Good location close to Big C and Makro super highway and train station.

– See more at: http://www.buyinchiangmai.com/ppe-610.html#sthash.JPm4kaLq.dpuf

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Tired of living in your Mom’s mobile home? Well hell then, move to Thailand!

Studio condo for rent, has just completed renovation, located in Chiang Mai city center.

The studio has been furnished with brand new and modern furnitures. The studio condo comes with a small tea kitchen, which makes it possible for you to make some food at home as well. The studio condo is for rent at a very low monthly price at 10,000 baht, which is a very low rent for a studio condo in this condition.


Area: 40SM = 431SF


1o,ooo baht @32.5 = $307.69 USD


See more photos of this unit, and details of other units available in Chiang Mai, HERE:







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STUDY: Middle Class Suffered ‘Worst Decade In Modern History’ As Wages Stagnated, Share Of Income Fell

Via: Think Progress

The middle class is shrinking, and so is its share of America’s income and wage growth, according to a new study released Thursday.

The study from the Pew Research Center found that the middle class — defined as Americans with incomes between $39,000 and $118,000 — fell backward in income for the first time since the end of World War II, and the number of Americans who fit into that category shrunk from 61 percent in 1971 to just 51 percent in 2011.

The share of income that went to the middle class also fell during the first decade of the 21st century, a 10-year period that featured two damaging recessions, including the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression, and a major housing crisis.

The share of income that went to the wealthiest Americans, however, has grown substantially since 1970, as the Washington Post notes:

In 1970, the share of U.S. income:

middle class – 62 percent

upper income – 29 percent


But by 2010, the share of U.S. income:

middle class – 45 percent

upper income – 46 percent


Read more, HERE:



personal thought:

The Romney/Ryan Budget Plan calls for even BIGGER TAX CUTS for the WEALTHY.

Unless you want your kids/grandkids to grow up in a third-world country – VOTE OBAMA/BIDEN!


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Tokyo – the most expensive city for expats

Via: Huffington Post

Thinking about wrapping up the U.S. portion of your life and bouncing to Japan? First consider asking for a raise.

That’s because a huge number of cities in Japan rank among the most expensive in the world, making them a tough landing pad for any newly-declared expatriates, according to an annual survey by human resource consulting firm Mercer. The survey, which examined 214 cities across the globe, based their cost-of-living calculation on the cost of transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment expenses.


The main reason Japanese cities are so DARNED expensive?

Currency valuations, basically.

Just to take an example, because of the strength of the Yuan compared to the U.S. dollar, a pair of Tokyo blue jeans costs nearly three times what it would in New York, according to the report.





The Yuan is the currency of China

The Yen is the currency of Japan


Except for that darn little mistake; TERRIFIC article!


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“The Cost is small. And there is no need to hurry the call.”

DC to LA – three-minutes – $2.60

– these rates apply after 6pm, and all day Sunday

– Oh, and don’t forget to add the 10% Federal Tax

“The Cost is Small”; yeah, right!


I remember as a kid, my folks would make a call; and then ask, “Do you want to talk to Gramma?”


“Hi Gramma, how are you?”

If I was lucky, twenty-seconds later, “OKAY, that’s long enough”

NOTE:  From Thailand I can buy a card at a 7-11, and using my mobile, call the U.S. for thirty minutes = 30baht / $1USD


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