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Donald Trump’s Coalition of bullies, bimbos, birthers, and the brainless

Via: David Horsey – Seattle PI


The idea of Trump moving into the White House is as weird and twisted as the man’s hair. Yet, a significant share of Republicans have warmed to the idea.

I assume these GOP Trump fans come from two camps.

– The first is the Know-Nothing Quarter. These are the 25 percent of Americans (and 50 percent of Republicans) who willingly believe any fantastical, scary version of reality they are fed by Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck or online conspiracy-mavens. These are the 24 percent of citizens who still think Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11. The half of Mississippi Republicans who believe interracial marriage is evil, The 48 percent of Iowa Republicans who don’t think Obama is an American.

Apparently, these socially conservative folks are willing to forgive Trump his serial trophy wives because he so boldly and unapologetically spouts the same crazy things they talk about with their friends at gun shows and mega-church potlucks.

– The other group of Republican Trump fans (which overlaps broadly with the first) is the libertarian faction. These are the people who resent paying their tax dollars for all but the weakest social safety net because they imagine the recipients of government aid as nothing but lazy, shiftless slum-dwellers and brown-skinned immigrants with anchor babies in tow. Some of them are rich, most are just aspiring to riches and they just want to be left alone to enjoy their money without being made to feel responsible to any human being outside the perimeter of the vast lawns surrounding their MacMansions.

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