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Do the Math!


Forget 33.33%.

But, how about 10.00%, or even 5.00%?

Corporations would STILL have record profits, and we’d FINALLY have a ‘balanced budget’!


Q: What about ‘job creation’?

A: Hell, even at 0.10%, corporations are doing very little hiring; because they instead are dropping ALLL the money to margin (profit), and using that to pay excessively large bonuses.


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Employers Actually Plan To Hire More FULL-TIME Workers As Obamacare Rolls Out


A new survey of chief financial officers finds that American companies expect to increase the number of full-time employees by 1.8 percent over the next 12 months as key parts of the Affordable Care Act go into effect, undermining conservative critics who’ve argued that the health care law would hamper business growth and expansion.

“The expected two percent growth in employment is solid, given the context of long-run shifts away from full-time employees largely because of concerns about health care reform and economic uncertainty,” John Graham, Duke Fuqua School of Business finance professor and director of the survey, said. The poll, conducted by Duke University/CFO Magazine, surveyed CFOs at 530 U.S. companies.

The results echo broader indicators showing that companies are hiring more workers.

Payroll figures released last month, for instance, found that job creation at small companies has almost doubled in the last six months, “reaching 82,000 jobs at firms with 49 or fewer employees in July, according to payroll processor ADP.” Small businesses are borrowing more, displaying greater confidence, and are seeing higher “sales of new franchises.”



personal thought:

It seems like a very long time, since I’ve read such a positive article about FULL-TIME jobs.

GOOD for US!


I’m in the 2nd column, 8 back. No, no, I mean 10 back!

Man, it feels soooooo good to be retired!



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OVER the Cliff!

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Reagan Budget Director Stockman: “Ryan’s budget FAILS to acomplish . . .

the only thing it sets out to do — solve the deficit — despite claims from Washington journalists that his plan is “serious.”

VIA: Think Progress

FREELAND: You worked for Ronald Reagan. Do you think the American economy — so you’re, like, a red-blooded capitalist — could it sustain higher taxes than it has now?

STOCKMAN: Absolutely. In 1982, we were looking at the jaws of the worst recession since the 1930s. We overdid it in 1981, cut taxes too much. We came back with a big deficit reduction plan in 1982.

Unemployment’s at 10 percent, the economy is in dire shape, and WE RAISED TAXES by 1.2 percent of GDP, which would be $150 billion a year right now — not 10 years down the road — but RIGHT NOW.



my thoughts:

Eliminate the Bush tax cuts and the oil subsidies; and fund the IRS to go after the off-shore corporate and personal tax evaders, and you won’t need to raise taxes by 1.2 percent of GDP.


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