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Via: Huffington Post


The seeds of Denver’s stunning Super Bowl self-destruction were planted during Wednesday’s practice when coach John Fox decided to turn down the speakers that simulate crowd noise because “it’s not an away game.” (wanna bet?)

A silent snap count would have been so much better because Seattle’s famed 12th Man showed up on Denver’s first play from scrimmage and helped ruin whatever great game plan offensive coordinator Adam Gase and Peyton Manning had come up with.

Instead of thwarting the Seahawks’ stingy secondary and stout front seven, the Broncos fell apart.

MetLife Stadium might not have been as loud as CenturyLink Field, but it was plenty spirited as the start of all Super Bowls are and when Manning lined up in the shotgun and called for the ball from his 14-yard line, his center couldn’t hear the cadence.

Manny Ramirez crouched still and just as Manning stepped up to reset the play, Ramirez’s snap sailed into the north end zone, where running back Knowshon Moreno smothered it for a safety.

“None of us heard the snap count,” Ramirez said. “I thought I did and when I snapped it, I guess Peyton was actually trying to walk up to me at the time. I’m not 100 percent sure. It’s unfortunate things didn’t go as planned.”

“Nobody’s fault,” Manning said. “It was just a noise issue.”



btw: Peyton Manning is one of the BEST querterbacks who have every played the game. PERIOD


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Nate Silver’s Super Bowl prediction

Via: Salon


Thirty-four-year-old statistician Nate Silver, described by the AP as an “unabashed numbers geek,” stopped by “The Colbert Report” to share his predictions for the Super Bowl on Sunday.

Silver, who accurately predicted the presidential winner in ALL 50 STATES on his blog in 2012, FiveThirtyEight, has moved from covering politics with the New York Times to covering sports at ESPN.

Of the move, Silver told Colbert: “There’s a lot of coverage you see in politics that’s really just gossip about a serious subject, and we want to take a fun subject and be overly serious about it at times.”

But Silver’s analysis of this year’s Super Bowl winner is tough, admits Silver, because both teams are “really good.”

This is only the eighth time that the two best teams  (Denver Number 1 offense – Seattle Number 1 defense) have met in the Super Bowl,” he said. “Usually someone gets upset along the way, so that makes my job really tough.”

Although “the numbers say it’s going to be a tie,” Silver is betting on the Seattle Seahawks, because their numbers were great last year, too.



Good enough for me – GO HAWKS!


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Quote of the Day: “They did not have Jarett’s Consent” – Denver police

Via: San Francisco Chronicle

‘Cops don’t see humor in partying with corpse’

Robert Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25. Denver prosecutors have charged them  with abusing a corpse, identity theft and criminal impersonation after they allegedly drove around town with their dead friend, Jeffrey Jarrett, and used  his ATM card.

Both men have been released from custody and are scheduled to appear in court  in coming weeks, said the Denver district attorney’s office.

Young was staying with his college friend Jarrett, 43,  the Denver Post reported. When Young arrived home about 11 p.m. on Aug. 27, he  found Jarrett unresponsive. It’s unclear exactly how Jarrett died, or when. But  instead of calling 911, Young went to get Rubinson, who helped load Jarrett’s  body into his Lincoln Navigator, Rubinson told police.

With the body in the backseat, Young and Rubinson stopped at restaurants,  first Teddy T’s, where they drank for about an hour and a half, and Sam’s No. 3,  court papers said. During this time, Young told police, “it was obvious” that  Jarrett was dead.

Then they allegedly drove Jarrett home, placed him in a bed and continued the  party with his bank card. The men ate at Viva Burrito, the paper said, and  withdrew $400 from an ATM at a strip club named Shotgun Willie’s.

About 4 a.m., five hours after Young found Jarrett, the men flagged down a  police officer at the strip club and told him:

“Our buddy might be dead” (yeah, you think?)




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Breaking News – Jesus Christ Claims Tim Tebow Not Ready To Be NFL Starter

DENVER – Jesus Christ, noted  Son of God and football analyst proclaimed Monday that second-year Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow lacks the pocket presence, arm strength, and passing accuracy necessary to be a starter in the NFL. “Tim’s place is at the right hand of the other backups on the bench, and his earthly works show that he deserves to dwell there all the days of his life,” said Lord and Savior of all mankind, adding, ““It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than for Tim Tebow to complete a pass against the Cover-2”.

“For Tebow must have faith in coach Fox’s plan, and pay his dues by wearing the headset, and by calling in plays from the clipboard while watching from the sidelines.” Christ also asked Tebow to stop praying to Him and asking to be made the number one quarterback in the depth chart, claiming “that’s never going to fucking happen.”

Whoa, now that’s harsh!











Via: The Onion ‘America’s Finest News Source’



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