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“Quote of the Day”


Para-phasing President Johnson: “If I’ve lost Megyn, I’ve lost Middle-America”


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‘the dick’ Cheney



personal thought:

I was never a ‘fan’ of Robert McNamara, but I do admire his COURAGE when he finally admitted the Vietnam War was wrong.


So, fuck you Cheney!


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(2 of 2) What Is This Official George W. Bush White House Portrait Missing? (Contest Winners)

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my favorite:

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Almost half of new vets seek disability

Via: AP

America’s newest veterans are filing for disability benefits at a historic rate, claiming to be the most medically and mentally troubled generation of former troops the nation has ever seen.

A staggering 45 percent of the 1.6 million veterans from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now seeking compensation for injuries they say are service-related. That is more than double the estimate of 21 percent who filed such claims after the Gulf War in the early 1990s, top government officials told The Associated Press.

What’s more, these new veterans are claiming eight to nine ailments on average, and the most recent ones over the last year are claiming 11 to 14. By comparison, Vietnam veterans are currently receiving compensation for fewer than four, on average, and those from World War II and Korea, just two.


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Cheney undecided on heart transplant surgery

Via: AP and Tengrain (Mock, Paper, Scissors)

WASHINGTON – Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he hasn’t decided whether to seek a heart transplant.

Cheney tells “Fox News Sunday” that his health has improved since last year, when he was diagnosed with end-stage heart failure. He had an operation last summer to fit his body with a battery-powered device that helps his heart pump blood.

In his Fox appearance, Cheney spoke with a raspy voice and appeared less gaunt than he had in the months following the operation.

Cheney says he’s working on a book and planning a fishing trip later in May.

Asked how he could go fishing safely with an electrical device attached to his body, the 70-year-old former vice president quipped, “You’re not supposed to fall in.”




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