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Ben van Meerendonk – Image Gallery

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‘Mist in Amsterdam’, Keizersgracht, 1948


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Via: wikipedia / Google Translate (hey, sometimes it works, and sometimes . . .)

Ben Meerendonk ( Amsterdam , 20 July 1913 – there, 13 January 2008 ) was a Dutch photojournalist.

Meerendonk followed several years of technical school, but was not suitable for furniture.

He was fifteen year old boy walking in the United Fotobureaux , and so he learned photography.

Late thirties, he worked at the General Dutch Fotopersbureau of Sem Presser. During the Second World War he was prohibited from exercising his profession.

After the war, Van Meerendonk in 1945 the General Dutch Fotopersbureau(AHF) on.

He photographed mainly in the forties , fifty and sixty, and delivered through its AHF to the newspapers The Guardian , The Time, The Truth, The Parool , The Free People and Wedding.



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Wim Dussel – Image Gallery

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– Sjouwerman in Istanbul, Turkey

– 1958


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Oscar van Alphen

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untitled by oscar van alphen, from kinderen in de grote stad, 1958



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The man packing a dozen PECKERS in his pants: Traveller arrested smuggling live hummingbirds in his trousers

Via: Daily Mail

If you were sat next to this airline passenger, you might understand why he was fidgeting around so much.

This Dutch traveller was caught trying to smuggle more than a dozen (12+1 = 13 peckers, right?) live hummingbirds in special pouches sewn into the inside of his underwear at Rochambeau airport in Cayenne, French Guiana.

The birds were individually wrapped in cloth and taped up to prevent them from ‘escaping’ from their sweaty travel container.

But fortunately for the unfortunate birds authorities noticed the passenger acting suspiciously and he was detained by French customs officers.

When his underwear was removed, officials discovered the haul of hummingbirds – who are not believed to have been sedated – lining the front.

The man, who reportedly has a previous conviction for trying to smuggle the tiny creatures, was arrested.

It is not clear if he has yet been charged. (Hummmmm)



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