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Philippines earthquake – Image Gallery


Filipino evacuees wait for food relief  in the town of Sagbayan, damaged by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake in Bohol province, central Philippines, Oct. 17. Nearly 300 were injured in Oct. 15  magnitude-7.2 tremor, the worst to hit the Philippines in two decades.  (Dennis M. Sabangan/EPA) 

Via: Boston Globe

A powerful 7.2 earthquake hit the Philippines this week, killing at least 160 and injuring hundreds.

The quake was centered below the island of Bohol, toppling many buildings in the area including several historic churches.


See another twenty-nine heart wrenching photos, HERE:




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(2 of 2) AMAZING VIDEO!: San Francisco – Market Street – BEFORE the quake/fire

Via: Boingboing

Video archivist extraordinaire Rick Prelinger sez, “A TRIP DOWN MARKET STREET BEFORE THE FIRE” is that charismatic archival film made by San Francisco’s Miles Bros. several days before the April 18, 1906 quake/fire.

Millions of people have seen the Air music video (made from a visually degraded version of the film), but until now nobody’s had access to a editable DV file.

Here it is (warning: 2.3GB).

Please make of it what you will, and consider uploading your work to Internet Archive!”


You can WATCH the 11:29 minute video, HERE:




personal thought:

Watching how people drove (cars, trucks, cable-cars, wagons, bicycles), and how they walked; it’s a damned wonder any of these ‘chowderheads’ lived to see 1907!



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(1 of 2) San Francisco – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy – ‘ALWAYS Something Interesting’

 “Up Market Street from Montgomery Street.”

San Francisco in the aftermath of the earthquake and fire of April 18, 1906.


See more images, of San Francisco, California; HERE:




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FACT – Quaran reading caused DC quake!

Via: Bare Naked Islam – ‘It isn’t Islamphobia when they are really trying to kill you’


CAUSE: June 26, 2011 –  the National Cathedral in Washington DC hosted a Quran reading and prayer service by an Islamic cleric.

EFFECT: August 23, 2011 – The National Cathedral was the only building that suffered significant structural damage as a result of the earthquake. The tip of the cathedral’s spire crashed onto the steps on Pilgrim Road. Three of the four pinnacles of the central tower are down, as well.


At press time: There is no word from God yet why he waited nearly two-months; but possibly he was, busy.


from Angel:

“Effing A!!!!!

I was in the area when the earthquake struck and I said right away it was a sign!

The earthquakes do not happen in this area too often, as in LA say.

I new this was very unusual, though no victims.

I said it was a sign but was looking for the answers, and when I heard that this was the only building that suffered significant structural damages, I knew (new) THIS WAS A SIGN!!!!

Thank you, GOD Almighty!

I hope these traitors, the muslin ass kissers will make some conclusions, becasue next time there will be victims.”



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East Coasters Never Learned the ‘Stay Covered’ Earthquake Rule

Via: Atlantic Wire

When the 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the East Coast this afternoon the initial reaction of those feeling the tremor was to evacuate their bulidings, piling out onto the city streets. At least that’s what happened here at The Watergate, and the shake had people running out of the Dominique Strauss-Kahn hearings as you can see in this video.

This particular quake caused minimal damage, in which case, this panicky practice was fine. But generally, standing underneath a big glass monolith as it shakes and potentially shatters isn’t the way to go–at least that’s not what FEMA recommends.


“People that try to run out of the building have a lot of falling objects,” Dan O’Brien, FEMA’s New York program manager told The Atlantic Wire. “Your biggest risk is falling objects.” He does not advise that people head outside and gawk. Instead FEMA recommends duck, cover, and hold:  “Your best bet is to basically get under a table and between a door jam and cover your head,” continues O’Brien. Even for those in big, tall, office buildings.

(nag, nag, nag)



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NYT – Last Defense at Troubled Reactors: 50 Japanese Workers

A small crew of technicians, braving radiation and fire, became the only people remaining at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station on Tuesday — and perhaps Japan’s




And if that isn’t bad enough, ‘Japan Radiation Plume Could Reach Tokyo, Scientists Warn’

 The radiation plume from a nuclear power plant damaged by Japan’s devastating earthquake and subsequent tsunami could reach Tokyo, a U.S. scientists’ organization said on Tuesday.

The Union of Concerned Scientists also said a “jerry-rigged” cooling system at the Japanese plant would be hard to maintain if all workers there were evacuated.

Nuclear power and safety experts at the group said they were “very concerned” that ongoing activities at the plant would become more challenging for on-site workers. A larger radiation plume could travel hundreds of miles (km), the scientists said in a telephone briefing.


population of greater Tokyo: +36,000,000


50 workers for FOUR units?

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