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The Bodyguard Blanket™

Via: Americans Against the Tea Party


The Bodyguard Blanket™, developed by father of two elementary school students Steve Walker, was developed to protect children from NRA-inspired school carnage. Walker, horrified by the Sandy Hook shooting, designed the blankets to use the same materials the US soldiers and law enforcement wear.

According to the manufacture website the blanket was designed with two functions in mind:

  • (1.) …as a bullet resistant body cover to protect against school incursions, and the weapons assailants commonly use. 
  • (2.) …as a protective body cover to be used during tornadoes and damaging weather

“We wanted our children to have a layer of protection immediately,” Walker told Oklahoma station KFOR. “They can be stored in the classroom, and, when seconds count, they can be easily applied.”

The blankets come in child and adult sizes, and are strapped on the back like a backpack. Then, when a child crouches in a ball and huddles up next to other children during the next school shooting, they become a human shield, of sorts. See? Problem solved. Much easier than simply regulating firearms a little.

The blankets are pricey, too. They cost nearly $1,000. A classroom with thirty children would be an easy $30,000 payday for Walker. The site even allows visitors to donate blankets to “schools, daycare centers, churches, and other organizations located in your community.”



personal story:

I grew up in Alhambra, CA, during the height of the ‘Cold War’.

Every month, they would hold an ‘air-raid’ drill at 10am.

A few minutes before 10, my teacher called on us, in order to get ready for the drill.

Just my luck, she called, on me and asked what I was to do if I heard the siren?

I recall my older brother saying what he would do if there was a REAL attack on L.A.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, so I said, “I’m going to bend over, and kiss my ass GOOD-BYE!”

Not only was I sent to the Principal’s Office,  they called my Dad who was working downtown L.A., and he had to drive home to pick me up.

I thought he would be p.o.’d at me, but he wasn’t. He thought hiding under the desk was a dumb idea; but he also told me to follow the rules; and I did.


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