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Wind Energy In 2013 Was Equivalent To Taking 20 MILLION CARS Off The Road

Via: Think Progress


Wind energy reduced power sector emissions by more than 5 percent last year, saving the same amount of CO2 as taking 20 million cars off the road, according to a new report.

The report, published by the American Wind Energy Association, found that wind energy production in 2013 resulted in carbon emissions reductions of 126.8 million tons. Some states achieved larger reductions than the national average, with 11 states reducing carbon emissions by 10 percent compared to 2011 levels through wind energy. Texas — a state which broke its record for highest wind generation ever in March — had the highest volume of carbon reductions, followed by Illinois, California, and Colorado.





And the truth is, we can do even better!


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BREAKING NEWS – U.S. Navy says it can now convert seawater into fuel

Via: Raw Story


The US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades: how to take seawater and use it as fuel.

The development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is being hailed as “a game-changer” because it would significantly shorten the supply chain, a weak link that makes any force easier to attack.

The US has a fleet of 15 military oil tankers, and only aircraft carriers and some submarines are equipped with nuclear propulsion.

The US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades: how to take seawater and use it as fuel.

The development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is being hailed as “a game-changer” because it would significantly shorten the supply chain, a weak link that makes any force easier to attack.

“We are in very challenging times where we really do have to think in pretty innovative ways to look at how we create energy, how we value energy and how we consume it.

“We need to challenge the results of the assumptions that are the result of the last six decades of constant access to cheap, unlimited amounts of fuel,” added Cullom.

“Basically, we’ve treated energy like air, something that’s always there and that we don’t worry about too much. But the reality is that we do have to worry about it.”


US experts have found out how to extract carbon dioxide and hydrogen gas from seawater.

Then, using a catalytic converter, they transformed them into a fuel by a gas-to-liquids process. They hope the fuel will not only be able to power ships, but also planes.

All other vessels must frequently abandon their mission for a few hours to navigate in parallel with the tanker, a delicate operation, especially in bad weather.

The ultimate goal is to eventually get away from the dependence on oil altogether, which would also mean the navy is no longer hostage to potential shortages of oil or fluctuations in its cost.

Vice Admiral Philip Cullom declared: “It’s a huge milestone for us.”


Dr Heather Willauer, an research chemist who has spent nearly a decade on the project, can hardly hide her enthusiasm.

“For the first time we’ve been able to develop a technology to get CO2 and hydrogen from seawater simultaneously, that’s a big breakthrough,” she said, adding that the fuel “doesn’t look or smell very different.”

Now that they have demonstrated it can work, the next step is to produce it in industrial quantities. But before that, in partnership with several universities, the experts want to improve the amount of CO2 and hydrogen they can capture.

“We’ve demonstrated the feasibility, we want to improve the process efficiency,” explained Willauer.







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Saudi Billionaire Prince: Fracking Competitively Threatens ‘Any Oil Producing Country in the World’

Via: cnsnews.com


Saudi Arabia’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal, a  billionaire businessman and nephew of Saudi King Abdullah, said the  production of shale oil and natural gas in the United States and other  countries, primarily done through fracking, is a real competitive threat  to “any oil-producing country in the world,” adding that Saudi Arabia  must address the issue because it is a “matter of survival.”

New shale oil discoveries “are threats to any oil-producing country in the world,” said Prince Alwaleed in an interview with The Globe and Mail.  “It is a pivot moment for any oil-producing country (OPEC) that has not  diversified. Ninety-two percent of Saudi Arabia’s annual budget comes  from oil. Definitely it is a worry and a concern.”



PHOTO: 1973 OPEC oil embargo

‘matter of survival’? – Well Fuck You, Prince!


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Joe ‘a special kind of stupid’ Barton (R-TX) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


Worth repeating:

– House author of the Energy Policy Act of 2005

– Chairman of the House-Senate energy conference committee


In 2014, vote these dumb bastards out – turn the House ‘Blue’!



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Energy – ‘the way is should be’



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FACT: U.S. Poised To Become World’s Top Oil Producer

Via: Huffington Post

U.S. oil output is surging so fast that the United States could SOON overtake Saudi Arabia as the WORLD’s biggest producer.

Driven by high prices and new drilling methods, U.S. production of crude and other liquid hydrocarbons is on track to rise 7 percent this year to an average of 10.9 million barrels per day.

This will be the FOURTH straight year of crude increases and the biggest single-year gain since 1951. (And Obama’s been president for how long? oh yeah, I remember now, FOUR YEARS!)

The boom has surprised even the experts.

“Five years ago, if I or anyone had predicted today’s production growth, people would have thought we were crazy,” says Jim Burkhard, head of oil markets research at IHS CERA, an energy consulting firm.

The United States will still need to import lots of oil in the years ahead. Americans use 18.7 million barrels per day. But thanks to the growth in domestic production and the improving FUEL EFFICIENCY of the nation’s cars and trucks, imports could fall by half by the end of the decade.

The increase in production hasn’t translated to cheaper gasoline at the pump, and prices are expected to stay relatively high for the next few years because of growing demand for oil in developing nations and political instability in the Middle East and North Africa.

Read more, HERE:




North Dakota – 3% umemployment


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Mike Fasano (R-FL) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Charles P. Pierce

Let’s begin in Florida (well, why in the hell not, anyway), where state  legislators — even Republicans! — are shocked (SHOCKED!) to learns that large  energy companies generally stick it to the public whenever they can and then  lie about why they’re doing it….

Sen. Mike  Fasano, R-New Port Richey, said he voted for the legislation because he thought  it would help solve the state’s energy problems in the future. But it was  “nothing but a lie,” he said, pointing to how Progress Energy’s nuclear power plant construction costs have soared from $6 billion to $24 BILLION!


In related news, Rep. Fasano discovered that what he originally thought was a  mermaid was simply a waitress from the Chinese joint down the  block.

Read more: http://www.esquire.com/blogs/politics/romney-medicaid-states-rights-13369900#ixzz28SiugYIk



“You mean to say it’s not the 80’s anymore where nuclear power plants cost $6 billion. Really?”, said Mike.


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Don Young (R-AK) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress

At a House Natural Resources Committee hearing on the dangers of drilling the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Rep. Don Young (R-AK) exploded with rage.

The hearing, with witnesses requested by the Democratic minority, was scheduled by Republicans for Friday afternoon. “I call it garbage, Dr. Rice,” Young said, addressing his comments to Dr. Douglas Brinkley, a historian at Rice University. When Brinkley corrected his name, Young grew even more apoplectic, saying, “I can call you anything I want if you sit in that chair.”

YOUNG: If you ever want want to see an exercise in futility … That side has already made up its mind and this side has already made up its mind. I call it garbage, Dr. Rice, it comes from the mouth –

BRINKLEY: It’s Dr. Brinkley. Rice is a university –

YOUNG: Well, okay, I can call you anything I want if you sit in that chair. You just be quiet! You be quiet!


After Young’s irate outburst, Committee chairman Doc Hastings (R-WA) castigated Dr. Brinkley for interrupting the Alaska congressman and disrupting the “comity” of the hearing.

“The Arctic plain is really nothing,” Young continued, calling Dr. Brinkley “elitist.” “You can go on all the pontifigurds you want . . . I’m really pissed.”

“Some people love money more than their homeland or where they live,” Dr. Brinkley said later, rebuking Young for his hatred of the undrilled Alaskan wilderness.



comity: friendly social atmosphere : social harmony <group activities promoting comity>

comedy: a drama of light and amusing character and typically with a happy ending


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Bachmann’s – ‘$2 a gallon gas’

Via: Think Progress

Rep. Allen West (R-FL) criticized his fellow Tea Party Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN) today over her call for oil drilling in the Florida Everglades. In an interview with the AP this weekend, Bachmann said we should look for new sources of domestic oil, offering the Everglades as a possible location.

West rebuffed that suggestion at a town hall in Palm Beach Gardens today, calling it “an incredible faux pas,” the Palm Beach Post reports. “When I see her next week, I’ll straighten her out about that,” he added.

West is a member of Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus.



And you’re going to straighten out Bachmann?

Well, good freakin’ luck with that!


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