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A Giant Basket That Uses Condensation to Gather Drinking Water – BRILLIANT!

Via: Wired


Around the world, 768 million people don’t have access to safe water,


EVERY DAY 1,400 children under the age of five die from water-based diseases.


Designer Arturo Vittori believes the solution to this catastrophe lies not in high technology, but in sculptures that look like giant-sized objects from the pages of a Pier 1 catalog.

His stunning water towers stand nearly 30 feet tall and can collect over 25 gallons of potable water per day by harvesting atmospheric water vapor. Called WarkaWater towers, each pillar is comprised of two sections: a semi-rigid exoskeleton built by tying stalks of juncus or bamboo together and an internal plastic mesh, reminiscent of the bags oranges come in. The nylon and polypropylene fibers act as a scaffold for condensation, and as the droplets of dew form, they follow the mesh into a basin at the base of the structure.


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1 of 2 – ‘Let Detroit Go Bankrupt’ – Mitt Romney

NYT Op-Ed – November 18, 2008



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