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FLORIDA – Salt water bacteria kills 10 people, infects 31


Via: NY Daily News

Patty Konietzky thought the small purple lesion on her husband’s ankle was a  spider bite. But when the lesion quickly spread across his body like a  constellation, she knew something wasn’t right.

After a trip to the hospital and a day and a half later, Konietzky’s  59-year-old husband was dead.

The diagnosis: vibrio vulnificus (vih-BREE’-oh VUHL’-nihf-ih-kus), an  infection caused by a bacteria found in warm salt water. It’s in the same family  of bacterium that causes cholera. So far this year, 31 people across Florida  have been infected by the severe strain of vibrio, and 10 have died.

“I thought the doctors would treat him with antibiotics and we’d go home,”  said Konietzky, who lives in Palm Coast, Fla. “Never in a million years it  crossed my mind that this is where I’d be today.”

State health officials say there are two ways to contract the disease: by  eating raw, tainted shellfish — usually oysters — or when an open wound comes in  contact with bacteria in warm seawater.


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Doctors at the NIH (National Institute of Health) – non-essential workers,  ‘furloughed’

FDA Oyster inspection – ‘non-essential’ workers, ‘furloughed’






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People Don’t Kill People. Deregulation Kills People.

Via: Charles P. Pierce

One of the big stories up here in the Commonwealth (God save it!) is  the local pharmaceutical “compounding center” that managed to send out enough fungus-infested (Ick!) steroid  that 130 people already have contracted meningitis from the stuff, 12 of whom  have died.

The noxious potion went out to 23 states and now 13,000 souls are  waiting to see if the hammer will fall on them. The human story is heartbreaking  enough, but for our purposes here, there’s another part of the saga that’s worth  noting….

The company  has shut down, and Massachusetts health officials said Wednesday that they had  extended their investigation to Ameridose, another drug manufacturer in the  state that is partly owned by Barry Cadden, who was the chief pharmacist at New  England Compounding. Mr. Cadden surrendered his pharmacy license this week,  state officials said. Massachusetts has just five inspectors for more  than a thousand compounding pharmacies that make drugs.

FIVE inspectors. A THOUSAND facilities.

The dead hand of Big Government certainly has been lifted from these  job-creators.




NECC – “No Soliciting – NO Inspecting’, trust us.


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