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(2 of 2) AMAZING VIDEO!: San Francisco – Market Street – BEFORE the quake/fire

Via: Boingboing

Video archivist extraordinaire Rick Prelinger sez, “A TRIP DOWN MARKET STREET BEFORE THE FIRE” is that charismatic archival film made by San Francisco’s Miles Bros. several days before the April 18, 1906 quake/fire.

Millions of people have seen the Air music video (made from a visually degraded version of the film), but until now nobody’s had access to a editable DV file.

Here it is (warning: 2.3GB).

Please make of it what you will, and consider uploading your work to Internet Archive!”


You can WATCH the 11:29 minute video, HERE:




personal thought:

Watching how people drove (cars, trucks, cable-cars, wagons, bicycles), and how they walked; it’s a damned wonder any of these ‘chowderheads’ lived to see 1907!



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