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Via: Face Populi


Photographer Unknown

Gymnastics, lose weight (don’t think so). Group fat women undergoing slimming course in a courtyard in New York, 1920s.


See more photos of the ’20’s, HERE:




It looks like they were having fun, so good for them.


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‘photo of the day’

‘US Women’s Gymnatics Team Wins First Team Gold Since 1996’


Via: Huffington Post

Read more, HERE:



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Mitt ‘the flipper’ Romney, flips again; this time on the auto rescue

Via: Think Progress

The Obama administration’s decision to rescue General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler in 2008 spurred hyperbolic criticism from Republicans who viewed the financial aid as the road to socialism” and “a war on capitalism.”

Indeed, not only is General Motors set to add 2,500 jobs at its Detroit plant, but Chrysler recently paid back $7.5 billion in government loans. In view of the auto recovery’s success, “the GOP hasn’t been advertising its previous denuciations.”

In fact, one outspoken critic is now actually trying to take credit for the auto rescue: GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Slamming Obama’s decision as “TRAGIC” and “A VERY SAD CIRCUMSTANCE FOR THIS COUNTRY” in 2009.



Romney’s camp is now actually claiming that “MITT ROMNEY HAD THE IDEA FIRST“:

A Romney spokesman said on Tuesday that the president’s plan was modeled after one Mr. Romney advocated in 2008.

Mitt Romney had the idea first,” said Eric Fehrnstrom, a Romneyspokesman, citing the Times opinion article. “You have to acknowledge that. He was advocating for a course of action that eventually the Obama administration adopted.”



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