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China ‘Happy Endings Massage’ now Legal


Via: Huffington Post

dA recent ruling by a court in Loooong.dong province is sure to be welcome news for Chinese men looking for a little something extra with their massages.

Last year, the Intermediate People’s Court in the city of Foshan ruled that performing masturbation on another person in exchange for money is not illegal and those who perform such acts should not face prosecution, according to a Nandu Daily report translated by the Global Times.

Prostitution is still illegal in China, as it has been since it was banned by the Communist Party in 1949. However, the Foshan court ruled that manual masturbation and “breast massage,” in which a woman massages a man with her breasts, are not sex acts, and therefore do not constitute prostitution, Nandu Daily notes.


Masturbation, which is referred to colloquially in Chinese as “hitting the airplane,”playing with little brother,” and “visiting Miss Five,” has long been an offering at some massage parlors in China. A 1999 Xinhua report found that one in five (one in five? puh-lease!) Chinese massage parlors were involved in prostitution, the Associated Press notes.


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Happy! Happy!

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‘Fly the VERY FRIENDLY Skys’- Aircraft sex scandal costs Cathay pair their jobs

Via: Pattaya Daily News

The Hong Kong carrier launched an investigation last week after photos emerged of a woman in a red outfit resembling the Cathay cabin crew uniform performing oral sex on a man, reportedly her boyfriend, on board an aircraft.

“I can confirm that two members of our crew shown in compromising situations in photographs published recently in Chinese-language daily newspapers are no longer employees of the company,” Cathay chief executive John Slosar said in a statement released late on Friday.

“I know that many people were disturbed by the damage this incident caused to the reputation of our cockpit and cabin crews.”

It was not clear whether the pair were sacked or resigned voluntarily, as the airline said it would not disclose details.

The airline also refused to say whether the incident took place in the plane’s cockpit, but said the investigation found no evidence to suggest the act happened on any of its flights while airborne.

Cathay said the findings of the investigation would be submitted to the city’s aviation authorities.

“I find any behaviour that recklessly soils the reputation of our company or our team members as totally unacceptable,” Slosar added.

The photos prompted action from the Hong Kong flag carrier after they were circulated on an online forum for pilots and later attracted the attention of local media.

The unidentified man in the photo, was reported to be a pilot but was not wearing a Cathay pilot’s uniform, has reportedly told a local newspaper that the photos had been stolen from his personal computer.

Cathay Pacific has 13,000 (12,998) staff around the world, including more than 8,000 cabin crew and 4,000 working in airports, according to its website.



“The airline also refused to say whether the incident took place in the plane’s cockpit”.



The pilots name was OTTO (see photo); and yes, it looks like the ‘cock’pit to me.



At press time, this reported is tracking down rumors the flight attendant is named Jo, or Mom.



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