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Ann Coulter – ‘Asshole of the Day’


Comments like this is yet another reason Hilary Rodham Clinton will be elected president in 2016 & 2020.


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Willard Romney – ‘STILL a GOP Moron!’


Via: Huffington Post

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, speaking more than a year after he lost to President Barack Obama, acknowledged Friday that his campaign failed to attract minority voters.

“The place that my campaign and I fell short was probably in being able to speak openly and effectively to minority populations. We didn’t get as many African-American voters as we should have, didn’t get as many Hispanic voters as we should have,” he said on “CBS This Morning.” “Across the board, we need to do a better job explaining why it is that our policies will lead to higher wages, better health care, better schools.”




1. “didn’t get as many Hispanic voters as we should have.”

FACT: During the GOP presidential debate in Tampa, Fla., Romney was  asked how he would address illegal immigration, and said he favored what he  called “self-deportation.”

“The answer is self-deportation, which is people decide they can do better  by going home because they can’t find work here because they don’t have legal  documentation to allow them to work here.”

definition: ‘self-deportation’ – Make it so damn tough on ’em, they will simlply leave!


2. “Across the board, we need to do a better job explaining why it is that our policies will lead to higher wages, better health care, better schools.”

– higher wages?

– better health care??

– better schools???

I refer you to the above GIF.


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Schlafly advises Republicans: IGNORE HISPANICS and ‘reach out to… white voters’


Via: Raw Story

Conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly says Republicans are making a mistake by trying to court Hispanics with comprehensive immigration reform legislation.

“I think that’s a great myth because the Hispanics who come in like this are going to vote Democrat,” Schlafly told the Focus Today radio program in a clip obtained by Right Wing Watch on Wednesday. “And there is not the slightest bit of evidence they are going to vote Republican.”

“And the people the Republicans should reach out to are the white votes — the white voters who didn’t vote in the last election, and there are millions of them,” she advised. (hey, at least a hundred thousand!)



“The answer is SELF-DEPORTATION, which is people decide they can do better by going home because they can’t find work here because they don’t have legal documentation to allow them to work here”.

  – Mitt Romney, GOP losing candidate in 2012


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FACT: Non-whites to make up nearly 60 percent of U.S. by 2060


Via: Reuters

A surge in Hispanics and Asians is set to dramatically change the face of the United States over the next 50 years, with no one ethnic group the majority, according to U.S. figures that depict an aging nation with slower population growth.

By 2060, non-whites will make up 57 percent of the U.S. population, more than doubling from 116.2 million in 2012 to 241.3 million, according to projections by the U.S. Census Bureau released on Wednesday. Racial minorities are now 37 percent of the population, it said.

The shift will largely be fueled by minority births (see photo) that continue to outpace those of whites, the agency said, based on data from the 2010 Census.

Nearly one in three U.S. residents will be Hispanic by 2060, up from one in six now, it said. The Asian population is also expected to more than double over the next five decades.

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And I tell ya what, they won’t be voting for the Republican Party- all good!


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Romney, again, refuses to say HOW he would reform immigration – ‘just trust me’

Via: Huffington Post

Mitt Romney promised Latinos on Thursday that he would swiftly reform the American immigration system — once again without saying whether he would end President Obama’s policy allowing some young undocumented immigrants reprieve from fear of deportation.

“Some people have asked if I will let stand the president’s executive order,” Romney said at the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials conference. Romney incorrectly referred to the policy change as an order from the president instead of a directive to agencies dealing with immigration.

“The answer is that I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the president’s temporary measure,” he said.



personal thought:

The HOW is actually, ‘NO IMMIGRATION REFORM!’; possibly though, higher fences.


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“Quote of the Day”

“The Democratic Party promises groups of people everything. They want the Hispanic vote, they want Hispanics to be dependent on government, just like they got African Americans dependent on government. That’s their game.”

Walsh goes on to say that civil rights activist Jesse Jackson “would be out of work if [African Americans] weren’t dependent on government.”

Rep. Joe Walsh (R-IL)


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Oliphant – “I’ll Tell You Anything To Get In. ANYTHING!”


Patrick Bruce “Pat” Oliphant (b. 24 July 1935 in Adelaide, Australia) is the most widely syndicated political cartoonist in the world, described by the New York Times as “the most influential cartoonist now working”.

His trademark is a small penguin character named Punk, who is often seen making a sarcastic comment about the subject of the panel.

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Hispanics Flee Alabama’s Immigration Law

Via: Bloomberg

When Tuscaloosa, Alabama, begins rebuilding more than 7,200 homes and businesses leveled by an April 27 tornado, it may find itself missing a workforce capable of putting the city together again.

That’s what Ever Duarte, head of the city’s Hispanic soccer league, said after losing a third of his teams in a week. Tuscaloosa County’s 6,000-strong Hispanic population –including roofers, sheetrockers, concrete pourers, framers, landscapers and laborers — is disappearing, he said, before a law cracking down on illegal immigrants takes effect.

“They’re leaving now, right now,” Duarte, 36, said during a pause in a pick-up soccer game last week in a neighborhood gym. “I know people who are packing up tonight. They don’t want to wait to see what happens. It started last week. Our league had 12 teams the week before that. Last week, it was eight.”

Governor Robert Bentley signed Alabama’s 72-page measure June 9, calling it “the strongest immigration bill in the country.” Alabama became the fifth state to enact sanctions against undocumented workers, following Arizona, Utah, Indiana and Georgia, where a federal judge yesterday blocked part of the restrictions. Tuscaloosa is getting an early gauge of the law’s effects in its state.

“Hispanics, documented and undocumented, dominate anything to do with masonry, concrete, framing, roofing, and landscaping,” said Bob McNelly, a contractor with Nash-McCraw Properties, during an interview at a coffee shop near a destroyed gas station and bank. “There are very few subcontractors I work with that don’t have a Hispanic workforce.”

The city of 90,000 imposed a moratorium on major reconstruction that ends Aug. 8 to enable it to plan its remaking. The rebuilding, McNelly said, will be harder and more expensive without them:

“It’s not the pay rate. It’s the fact that they work harder than anyone. It’s the work ethic.”


personal thought:

I worked construction my whole career; and I agree, it is the ‘work ethic’.

However, make no mistake, the undocumented workers you see lined up each morning outside of your typical Home Depot get paided a hell of a lot less.

When they say it ain’t about the money, they lyin'”


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