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6 So-Called “Job Creators” Who Won’t Hire The Unemployed

Via: AlterNet

As President Obama hits the road on his jobs agenda bus tour, millions of individuals trying to re-enter the job market, seeking to eke out a modest living so that they too can live the American Dream – or what’s left of it anyway – are stuck in a rut. They write hundreds of cover letters, perfect their interview techniques and network like crazy, but sometimes the barriers are too high.

What some may not know is that a number of employers, including household-name companies, have taken the position that the unemployed should forget about obtaining a job altogether.


Log on to any jobs site, do a quick search and the results may surprise you: slews of job ads are essentially warning the out-of-work that they worthless and disposable.

How widespread is this practice? When the National Employment Law Project did an independent, one-month survey earlier this year of popular job sites such as CareerBuilder.com, Indeed.com, Monster.com, and Craigslist.com, their snapshot came up with more than 150 ads containing employment-based exclusions, including 125 ads that were identified by company name. In my own research (done over the course of an hour this past week) I was able to find close to 20 more ads on these same sites. In other words, this is not a case of anomalous malice.


Who are the culprits? Aside from companies and hiring agencies you may have never heard of, included in the list of prejudicial employers are:

– Allstate Insurance

– Enterprise Rent-A-Car

– Homebuilding Recruiters of America

– University of Arizona

– University of Phoenix

– Oil and Gas Field Recruiters of America

Sony Ericsson only ended the practice after they were caught by CNN-Money last year during its reporting on this trend.


The tools being employed by these companies are creating a PERMANENT underclass of unemployed individuals.


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personal thought:

Let’s take Enterprise-Rent-A-Car for example:

Say you don’t see their job ads on Career Builder.com, or Monster.com, or whatever; you instead go to their website:

Careers – ‘Named One of the Best Places to Start Your Career’


And lets say, you branch of Hertz, Avis, whatever, had just closed, so you are currently UNEMPLOYED.

You then say hell, I’m qualified to the job, so I will apply, and I WILL GET THE JOB.

Well guess what, you won’t even recieve a reply because Enterprise, like Allstate, like University of Phoenix, like hundreds of other U.S. corporations, will view you as UNFIT.


Absolute, horse-shit!


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