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benghazi! – Benghazi!! – BENGHAZI!!!


‘Boehner, Boner, whatever’, has been the WORSE Speaker of the House, EVER!


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House Republicans Abandon Defense Of DOMA


Via: Think Progress

House Republicans have been using taxpayer funding to foot the $2.3 million dollar bill to defend the Defense of Marriage Act in a number of cases. While the Supreme Court was weighing Windsor the other cases challenging DOMA were put on hold.

Now that the Court has overturned DOMA, the House is abandoning its defense in the other cases.



personal thought:

I know $2.3 million is chump change, but for ‘Boehner, boner, whatever’ to spend millions on a lost cause in order to please the ‘Xristian Xrazies’ back home is simply APPALLING!

Hey, Mr. Speaker have another drink.


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