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Donald Trump LEADS latest Harris poll

New York real estate mogul Donald Trump apparently has some serious support.

According to The Harris Poll released on March 28, Trump and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney were tied atop the list of the most popular candidates for the GOP.  Both Mr. Trump and Mr. Romney received 10 percent support.

10% – R0mney

10% – Trump


Among registered Republicans, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and former Alaska governor Sarah Palin received the most support. Mr. Huckabee received 15 percent support, while Ms. Palin received 12 percent. Mr. Romney also received 13 percent.

15% – Huckabee

13% – Romney

12% – Palin

?% – Trump



With the numbers provided in the story, I’m UNABLE to FATHOM how the author can claim Trump LEADS, ANYTHING.


photo: ‘some things . . . Money Just Can’t Buy’.


That’s true,  but I have to ask; ‘Could money BUY a headline?’




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GOP 2012 hopefuls fall short of ideal

It’s said in politics that you can’t beat somebody with nobody, and when you look at the 2012 presidential race, you definitely have somebody in the person of incumbent Barack Obama. One opponent might be Sarah Palin. Nobody. Or Newt Gingrich. Nobody. Or Mike Huckabee. Nobody. Or – it goes on.



It goes on, and on, and on.













 to be named later


Obama’s Approval Rating – Some Encoraging Signs for the President

– Independents, Seniors, and Educated White Men: Obama is moving in the right direction

– Approval Rating Gradually Improving 

– Opposition to Obama is Cooling



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