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‘Celibacy syndrome’ in Japan




September 10,  1982 – ‘The $&*#’ng  Japanese are taking over our country!”, shouted Jim and Charlie.

Anti-Japanese Car Movement

Gary auto worker Jim Coleman (left) and Griffith businessman Charlie Cobb (right) strike a blow for American industry in a charity campaign sponsored by northern Indiana steelworkers Friday, Sept. 10, 1982. Union leaders in the economically hard hit steelmaking region allowed people to swing a sledgehammer at a Japanese-made auto for $1 a shot. The money went to help the families of laid-off workers.


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Japan – F*ck-ushina Power Plant


Via: Charles P. Pierce- Esquire Magazine

The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) had originally said the radiation emitted by the leaking water was around 100 millisieverts an hour.

However, the company said the equipment used to make that recording could only read measurements of up to 100 millisieverts.

The new recording, using a more sensitive device, showed a level of 1,800 millisieverts an hour.



So, it took two-years for Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) to figure out their equipment was inadequate – BRILLIANT!


and then, and then:

A radioactive plume of water in the Pacific Ocean from Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant, which was crippled in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, will likely reach U.S. coastal waters starting in 2014, according to a new study.



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Energy – ‘the way is should be’



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Maiko Tomeko – Image Gallery

Via: First Time User

Maiko Tomeko, the centre of three Maiko Girls (Apprentice Geisha) posing as the Three Wise Monkeys, 1929


See more photos, HERE:



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Erotica – Image Gallery

Via: deltaso-tumblr

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106 year-old Japanese man travels round the world on public transport

Via: Raw Story

A 106-year-old Japanese man has become the oldest person to have travelled around the world using public transport, a report said Friday.

Saburo Shochi has been recognised by Guinness World Records for his feat, which saw him travel through North America, Europe and Africa, the Mainichi daily said.

With dozens of his supporters hailing his return at Fukuoka airport in southwest Japan, the centenarian said with a big smile: “I will live more.”

Shochi, a professor emeritus at Fukuoka University of Education, started travelling frequently at the age of 99, giving lectures on child education and health in foreign countries, the Mainichi said.

Shochi, who celebrated his 106th birthday on Thursday, said: “In my whole life, I have never said ‘I’m tired’.”



‘started travelling frequently at the age of 99’‘Amazing’ doesn’t even begin to describe the amazing Professor Schochi.


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Japan – Image Gallery

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Niigata, 1956 by Hiroshi Hamaya


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Xabi Etcheverry – Image Gallery

Via: Yellowkorner

‘Yuki’ – Most Japanese forenames have a root–also known as Kanji- Chinese. Yuki literally means the origin of hope.

See more images, HERE:

http://en.yellowkorner.com/artistes/35/Xabi Etcheverry.aspx


Xabi Etcheverry was born in Bayonne in 1976. He went on a photography course at the Montreal School of Fine Arts and then worked as a film-set photographer. He went to the Land of the Rising Sun for a short visit and ended up staying there for more than a year. Based in Tokyo, he explored the four corners of the archipelago. His photo album Being 20 in Tokyo was created between September 2002 and June 2004. Etcheverry restricts himself to black and white photography in order to discover a city of extremes and paradoxes between the East and the West, tradition and modernity. Being 20 in Tokyo is learning to live in a more competitive world, being able to show initiative and creativity… the young Tokyoites understand this, and multiply experimentation in all areas – professional, the way they dress and with their bodies… Xabi Etcheverry reveals this gentle rebellion to us in his photographic work. He is currently working on a new piece of work, still about Japan, which confronts the hidden sides of Japanese society. He is also working with the artist Luciano di Concetto on a series of portraits, blending photography and painting.


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Tokyo – the most expensive city for expats

Via: Huffington Post

Thinking about wrapping up the U.S. portion of your life and bouncing to Japan? First consider asking for a raise.

That’s because a huge number of cities in Japan rank among the most expensive in the world, making them a tough landing pad for any newly-declared expatriates, according to an annual survey by human resource consulting firm Mercer. The survey, which examined 214 cities across the globe, based their cost-of-living calculation on the cost of transportation, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment expenses.


The main reason Japanese cities are so DARNED expensive?

Currency valuations, basically.

Just to take an example, because of the strength of the Yuan compared to the U.S. dollar, a pair of Tokyo blue jeans costs nearly three times what it would in New York, according to the report.





The Yuan is the currency of China

The Yen is the currency of Japan


Except for that darn little mistake; TERRIFIC article!


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Man, are those kids tall, or what!


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