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Aaron Osmond (R-UT) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


Via: Huffington Post

A Republican state senator in Utah is calling for the end of mandatory education in the state.

State Sen. Aaron Osmond (R-South Jordan) wrote on the state Senate blog Friday that mandatory education in the state has forced teachers and schools to take on parenting responsibilities. Prior to the mandate taking effect in 1890, he wrote, education was “an opportunity” and parents were more engaged. He also wrote that teachers were more respected. The Deseret News first reported Osmond’s blog post on Tuesday.

Osmond is the nephew of entertainers Donny and Marie Osmond.



PHOTO: Taliban children memorizing the ‘Book of Mormon’ – Salt Lake City, Pakistan


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Which Is It???


Which Is It???

For me it’s a easy choice. religion should NOT matter; but competance should.



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(2 of 2) ‘All Dead Mormons are Now Gay’.com

Via: Wonkette

It was very exciting to learn that the young Mitt Romney maybe baptized the sad ghosts of Jewish victims of the Nazi Holocaust, to turn them into followers of Mitt’s folk religion.

Who knew Mitt ever did anything but the kind of vicious 1% capitalism that ruins the lives of countless Americans?

Well now, thanks to the Internet (again!), there is a new “web app” that lets you easily turn all Dead Mormons into homosexuals.

Dead Mormon homosexuals, we assume, unless there’s some fine print/privacy policy thing on the bottom of the web page that explains in dense legal terminology how the Dead Mormon Homosexuals will then Rise Up From Their Graves and commit deep crimes against the Living … oh god, that’s how Romney’s going to become president, isn’t it? OH GOD.



website for: All Dead Mormons Are Now Gay (Mormons)




‘Angel Moroni appearing to Joseph Smith’

sleepware by: Victor’s Secret®


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The Mormons are planning to overthrow the U.S. government

Via: Right Wing Watch

We keep hearing from conservative activists that progressives are fueling anti-Mormon sentiments, even though attacks on the Mormon faith mainly come from the Religious Right. Today on Voice of Christian Youth America’s Crosstalk, Jim Schneider hosted Tricia Erickson, a former Mormon and author of:

‘Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters: The Mormon Church versus the Office of The Presidency of The United States of America’.


Schneider: Are you suggesting Tricia that if Mitt Romney is elected President of the United States that there is an allegiance to the Mormon Church that would supersede his oath to the United States or the Constitution of the United States?

Erickson: ABSOLUTELY …. As president of the United States, Mitt would have less authority than that of the living prophet of the Mormon Church, he is therefore no matter his position as leader of our nation subject to the prophet and to his orders and to his mandates, even if those mandates go against our nation.


Erickson: The political machinery of the priesthood of the Mormon Church is named the Kingdom of God and/or the Government of God, and the goal of the Mormon Church, through the Mormon Kingdom of God, is to bring the United States government, this is true, under the rule of the priesthood, the Mormon priesthood. Mormons believe that they are the only true church, all other religions are false, and their main objective is to be ready when the time comes for the millennial reign by having their leaders ready to rule or already in key places of authority and power. Their ultimate goal is better serve their agenda by being able to rule and govern before the millennium actually takes place and the Mormon Church and its corporate empire, assets and resources will be the chief element in the millennial overthrow of the United States government. 



personal thought:

I was just a little kid, but I remember people saying if John F. Kennedy was elected, he would be required to take orders from the Pope.


‘Batshit Insane’ then; ‘Batshit Insane’ now.


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Prominent Perry endorser, Robert Jeffries, says the Roman Catholic Church is ‘The Genius of Satan’

Via: Right Wing Watch

Yesterday, Robert Jeffress introduced Rick Perry at the Values Voter Summit with a fiery endorsement, giving us an opportunity to reflect on Jeffress’ history of anti-Mormon rhetoric.

But the Mormon faith isn’t the only one that faces Jeffress’ ire. Last year on his show Pathway To Victory, Jeffress said that Satan is behind the Roman Catholic Church.

At The Response prayer rally, we called out Perry for partnering with John Hagee, who has called the Roman Catholic Church the “The Great Whore” of Babylon from the Book of Revelation.

Similary, Jeffress calls the Catholic church a result of “the Babylonian mystery religion” found in the Book of Revelation, and says the Catholic Church represents “the Genius of Satan.”


“This is the Babylonian mystery religion that spread like a cult throughout the entire world.

The high priests of that fake religion, that false religion, the high priests of that religion would wear crowns that resemble the heads of fish, that was in order to worship the fish god Dagon, and on those crowns were written the words, ‘Keeper of the Bridge,’ the bridge between Satan and man. That phrase ‘Keeper of the Bridge,’ the Roman equivalent of it is Pontifex Maximus. It was a title that was first carried by the Caesars and then the Emperors and finally by the Bishop of the Rome, Pontifex Maximus, the Keeper of the Bridge.

You can see where we’re going with this. It is that Babylonian mystery religion that infected the early church, one of the churches it infected was the church of Pergamos, which is one of the recipients of the Book of Revelation. And the early church was corrupted by this Babylonian mystery religion, and today the Roman Catholic Church is the result of that corruption.

Much of what you see in the Catholic Church today doesn’t come from God’s Word, it comes from that cult-like, pagan religion.

“Now you say, ‘pastor how can you say such a thing?

That is such an indictment of the Catholic Church. After all the Catholic Church talks about God and the Bible and Jesus and the Blood of Christ and Salvation.’

Isn’t that the genius of Satan?

If you want to counterfeit a dollar bill, you don’t do it with purple paper and red ink, you’re not going to fool anybody with that. But if you want to counterfeit money, what you do is make it look closely related to the real thing as possible.

And that’s what Satan does with counterfeit religion.

He uses, he steals, he appropriates all of the symbols of true biblical Christianity, and he changes it just enough in order to cause people to miss eternal life.”



personal thought:

It seems to be me pretty easy for Rick Perry to denounce Robert Jeffries for his anti-Mormon and anti-Catholic rhetoric.

Q: But will Perry do it?

A: Oh, hell no!



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Prominent Perry Endorser Robert Jeffress Says Voting For Romney Would ‘Give Credibility To A Cult’

Via: Think Progress

Today at the Values Voters Summit, presidential contender and Texas Gov. Rick Perry was introduced to the crowd by one of his most prominent supporters, Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas.

Jeffress is well-known for his bigoted views about gays, Muslims, and Mormons. During his introduction for Perry, he called Planned Parenthood “that slaughterhouse for the unborn.”

Speaking to reporters after Perry’s speech, Jeffress reiterated his well-known view that “Mormonism is a cult” which should essentially disqualify Mitt Romney from consideration among true Christian voters.

“As evangelical Christians, we understand that Mormonism is not Christianity,” he said. “The decision for evangelical Christians right now is going to be do we prefer someone who is truly a believer in Jesus Christ or someone…who is a part of a cult.”

He admitted “it’s not a politically correct thing to say.” (really?)



personal thoughts:

1. I think Romney will be the nominee.

2. I think the evangelicals, along with the teabaggers, will choose to support a third-party candidate.

3. I think they will turn to the former half-term governor, Sarah Palin, to lead them out of the darkness.

4. all good!


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Cain: Romney ‘can’t win’ because he has not done ‘a good job of explaining his religion (underwear)’

Via: Think Progress

In an editorial board interview with the Washington Times, Herman Cain expanded at length on why he believed Mitt Romney could not beat Barack Obama.

Among other factors, Cain noted that Romney has not done “a good job of explaining his religion,” which he asserted would be a major liability in the South.

Cain said the fact that Romney is a Mormon “doesn’t bother me,” but “it is an issue with a lot of southerners.”

Watch it:



personal thought:

I’m happy, actually VERY HAPPY,to know Cain doesn’t have a PROBLEM with Romney being a Mormon.


But I’m curious to know:

1. Would Cain appoint a Mormon to his cabinet?

and if he did,

2. Would he/she need to sign a loyalty pledge?


My quess is: NO and YES; but hey.


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Teabaggers seeking to derail Romney?

Via: Deseret News – Jamshid Ghazi Askar


FreedomWorks, the trendsetting conservative group with tea-party ties chaired by former U.S. House Majority Leader Dick Armey, has Mitt Romney squarely in its crosshairs.

“A top goal of the nation’s most influential national Tea Party group is to stop Mitt Romney from winning the Republican nomination for president,” Jon Ward writes for Huffington Post. “Interviews with top officials at FreedomWorks, a Washington-based organizing hub for Tea Party activists around the country, revealed that much of their thinking about the 2012 election revolves around derailing the former Massachusetts governor.”

Columbia University professor Lincoln Mitchell expands on why Romney winning the Republican presidential nomination would be such anathema to the tea party: “Should Romney, as is increasingly likely, win the nomination, it will be a severe defeat for the Tea Party faction of the party,” Mitchell declares at Huffington Post. “Although Romney has sought to portray himself as a true conservative … Romney is NOT a FUNDAMENTALIST CHRISTIAN, nor is he given to extremist and provocative statements like some of his opponents. Romney seems like a conservative from another generation primarily concerned with making his rich friends richer, rather than with taking radical positions on social policies.”



That’s right, neither Romney nor Joseph Smith (see photo) the founder of the Mormon Church; are/were fundamentalist Christians.

Not coincidentally, the Deseret News, is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (colloquially known as the Mormon or LDS Church).


Christian fundamentalist vs Mormon; Shia vs Sunni; – same/same.


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