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Election officials catch dead man (SEE PHOTO) donating $100,000 to Sen. Mitch McConnell


Via: Raw Story

Officials with a Kentucky super PAC supporting Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blame a computer error for a $100,000 contribution that appeared more than a month after the donor died. Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party filed a federal lawsuit to lift limits on posthumous donations.

“This is pure free speech,” an attorney for the Libertarian party, Alan Gura told USA Today. “A dead person can’t corrupt someone.”


“And damn right, he should be able to vote Republican/Libertarian/Teabagger!”, he didn’t add.



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Jack Talbert (L-KN) – ‘Libertarian Moron of the Day’

Via: UPI

Jack Talbert is–sorry, was–a Libertarian running for Congress in  Kansas’s 4th District.

“Essentially, when you’re running against Mike  Pompeo, you’re drawing straws to see who’s going to lose to him,” said the man  formerly known as Talbert, referring to his popular incumbent opponent.

But win or lose, the Libertarian candidate for the Wichita seat is no longer  called Jack Talbert, since he legally changed his name to Thomas Jefferson.

“When people see that Thomas Jefferson’s on the ballot, half will think I’m  committed to the Libertarian Party, and the other half will probably think I  should be committed,” Jefferson told the Topeka Capital-Journal. “But whether you  think it’s crazy or not, hopefully it gets people thinking about the founding  fathers and Thomas Jefferson in particular and whether we have that form of  government still.”

Jefferson said he hopes his candidacy will raise the  profile of his “Thomas Jefferson Project,” aimed at limiting the powers of the  Federal Reserve and returning to the gold standard (and slavery, perhaps?).




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The audience yelled “YES!” he should be left to die

Via: Gawker

At CNN’s Tea Party-indulging debate on Monday, Ron Paul, a medical doctor, faced a pointed line of questioning from Wolf Blitzer regarding the case of an uninsured young man who suddenly found himself in dire need of intensive health care.

Should the state pay his bills? Paul responded, “That’s what freedom is all about: taking your own risks. This whole idea that you have to take care of everybody—”

He never quite finished that point, letting the audience’s loud applause finish it for him.

So Blitzer pressed on, asking if he meant that “society should just let him die,” which earned a chilling round of approving hoots from the crowd. Paul would not concede that much outright, instead responding with a personal anecdote, the upshot being that in such a case, it was up to churches to care for the dying young man. So basically, yeah. He’d let him die.


As it turns out, Paul was not speaking purely in hypotheticals. Back in 2008, Kent Snyder — Paul’s former campaign chairman — died of complications from pneumonia.

Like the man in Blitzer’s example, the 49-year-old Snyder (pictured) was relatively young and seemingly healthy* when the illness struck.

He was also uninsured.

When he died on June 26, 2008, two weeks after Paul withdrew his first bid for the presidency, his hospital costs amounted to $400,000. The bill was handed to Snyder’s surviving mother, who was incapable of paying.



“Not being responsible enough to have medical insurance, cough cough; yeah, that’s what freedom is all about.” – Paultards

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A suggestion for Ron, Rand, and all the libertarian nut-jobs

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