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benghazi – Benghazi – BENGHAZI!!!


Vote these bastards out – VOTE BLUE in 2016!




OTE BLUE in 2o16!

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benghazi! – Benghazi!! – BENGHAZI!!



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Romney reacting to the Americans who died in Libya

“What a tragedy, to lose such a wonderful, wonderful, uh, wonderful people that have been so wonderful.”


And that, was truly,  fuckin’ wonderful!


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Libyan Chinook CH-47 Blows Away a Ceremonial Tent


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Herman ‘hold the sausage’ Cain stumbles on Libya question

Via: Huffington Post

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain struggled to answer a question about U.S. foreign policy toward Libya in an interview with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board Monday.

“Okay, Libya,” said Cain, glancing up.

“President Obama supported the uprising, correct? President Obama called for the removal of [Muammar] Gaddafi. Just wanted to make sure we’re talking about the same thing before I say ‘Yes I agreed, no I didn’t agree,'” said Cain.

“I do not agree with the way he handled it for the following reason,” Cain started, before cutting himself off. “nope that’s a different one.” Cain shifted in his chair, adjusted his jacket and looked up again.

“I got all this stuff twirling around in my head,” (yeah, and my pants!) he added.



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Gadaffi – Time Magazine

APRIL 2, 1973

(page 2) When Muammar Gaddafi appears in public with older Arab leaders, it is he who draws the cheers. The most belligerent of the Arab leaders, Gaddafi is spending $200 million on a largely unnecessary air force of 114 French Mirage fighter-bombers, which inevitably stands as a threat to Israel, the frustrating obsession of the Arab world. Last week two of these planes inexplicably fired on an unarmed U.S. military-reconnaissance plane in international airspace over the Mediterranean, provoking the sharpest exchange between Washington and Tripoli since Gaddafi came to power. In other spending aimed against Israel, Gaddafi gives at least $125 million a year to Egypt, about $45 million to Syria and perhaps $20 million to Yasser Arafat’s Al-Fatah and other Palestinian fedayeen guerrillas. (Sudan has officially accused Gaddafi of instigating the kidnap-murder of three U.S. and Belgian diplomats in Khartoum last month.)

Read MORE: http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,907040,00.html#ixzz1WB7qTeBQ


SEPTEMER 5, 2011


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Condi Rice Photos Are Moammar Gaddafi’s Dictator Porn of Choice

Via: Wonkette

It turns out that possibly (?) ousted nutjob Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi kept a big ol’ catalogue of fap fuel made up of Condoleezza Rice photo scrapbooks hidden in his torture castle.

“I support my darling black African woman. I admire and am very proud of the way she leans back and gives orders to the Arab leaders … Leezza, Leezza, Leezza. … I love her very much,” is apparently something he actually said during the first head of state interview we know of to be conducted while masturbating.  (really?)

It’s sort of natural, though, isn’t it, for Gaddafi to want to _______ Condi? (We cannot find a verb to put there that doesn’t turn our brain to poop, so go ahead and Mad Lib that one yourselves.)

How many other ladies does Gaddafi know who got to run around the world with a top spot in a murderous regime and can keep a carefully maintained, famously weird hairdo? These two have “OKCupid profile match” written all over them, basically.


From the MSNBC Photo Blog:

The former U.S. Secretary of State paid a visit to Tripoli in 2008 during a brief interlude that saw Gadhafi begin to be welcomed back into the international fold. As Jason Ukman of the Washington Post wrote on Wednesday, ”it was only three short years ago that Rice shared a late-night dinner with Gaddafi to break the Ramadan fast, three short years ago that the United States and Libya were celebrating what was to be a new chapter in their relations.”

Haha, he said “relations.”



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Gaddafi is paranoid and on the run, MI6 tells David Cameron

Note: except for being bummed out he couldn’t wear this to the Royal Wedding, he looks okay to me.


Via: guardian.co.uk

David Cameron has been told by UK intelligence that Muammar Gaddafi is increasingly paranoid, on the run, and hiding in hospitals by night, and that his senior commanders in the regime are unable to communicate with one another.

The reports from MI6 relayed to the cabinet’s national security council this week prompted Cameron to authorise a high-risk escalation of attacks by agreeing to deploy four Apache helicopters into Libya with orders to gun down regime leaders and assets hiding in built-up areas.




“Even a paranoid can have enemies.”  – Henry ‘he ought to know’ Kissinger

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Senator Lindsey ‘Pour-it-On’ Graham (R-SC)

Via: L.A. Times

Libya – “In my view, wherever Kadafi goes, he is the legitimate military target. He’s the command and control source,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), a member of the Senate Armed Services committee, said on “Fox News Sunday.”I’d like to have a pour-it-on approach to get this over with.”



Via: Huffington Post

Afghanistan – “What we ought to do is pour it on now — we’ve got momentum,” Graham said. “Now is not the time to talk about leaving prematurely. Now’s the time to make sure you are leaving behind capacity. We won’t be judged by the day we left Afghanistan; we’ll be judged by what we left behind.”



Soviet Union: “It’s a damn shame we kin’t pour it on with the Soviet bastards ennymo’e, knows whut ah mean?”

“But then agin, there’s Putin; he’s a legit targit too. I mean ah’s wet jest thinking about it!” 


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U.S. ending it’s Air Combat Role in Libya

Via: ROBERT BURNS, AP National Security Writer

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon is about to pull its attack planes out of the international air campaign in Libya, hoping NATO partners can take up the slack.

The announcement Thursday drew incredulous reactions from some in Congress who wondered aloud why the Obama administration would bow out of a key element of the strategy for protecting Libyan civilians and crippling Moammar Gadhafi’s army.

“Odd,” “troubling” and “unnerving” were among critical comments by senators pressing for an explanation of the announcement by Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Joint Chiefs chairman Adm. Mike Mullen that American combat missions will end Saturday.

Your timing is exquisite,” Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said SARCASTICALLY, alluding to Gadhafi’s military advances this week.



NATO – 28 member nations

I mean hell, Let THEM do it!


And then, you got the pussies in the Arab League, Let THEM do it!



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