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Conservative Christian group mailed vibrator (SEE PHOTO) to Michele Bachmann


Via: Raw Story

A conservative Christian political consulting firm nearly gifted Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R) with a vibrator, according to court documents obtained by BuzzFeed.

The CEO of Strategy Group for Media, Rex Elsass, reportedly sent “female pleasure machines” to Bachmann by accident.

In hopes of helping with her migraines, Elsass intended to purchase an electronic head massager for the conservative congresswoman. He sent an employee off to buy the device, but the employee purchased something a bit different and mailed it to Bachmann.

The electronic device did vibrate, but it apparently was not designed to be used on the head.

Sources familiar with the incident told BuzzFeed that the Christian group intercepted the gift before Bachmann was able to open it.

Strategy Group for Media was lucky. Bachmann would have likely been baffled and insulted by the gift.

Though some conservative political advisers might believe Bachmann’s sex appeal makes her a strong candidate, the congresswoman isn’t exactly known for her liberal views on sex.

Bachmann advocates abstinence-only sexual education in public schools and pledged in 2011 to ban pornography if elected president.



1. ‘Horn on the Cob’; hey, well you gotta get ready for the 2016 Iowa GOP Primary, right?


2. The word is, Macus ‘ALMOST the FIRST  LADY’ Bachmann is thrilled with the ‘Horn on the Cob’.




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Monks teach maleness to Thai ‘ladyboys’

Via: AFP

The 15-year-old aspiring “ladyboy” delicately applied a puff of talcum powder to his nose — an act of rebellion at the Thai Buddhist temple where he is learning to “be a man”.

“They have rules here that novice monks cannot use powder, make-up, or perfume, cannot run around and be girlish,” sa”Were you born as a man or a woman or can you not specify your gender – not man or woman?” said Pipop Thanajindawong, who was sent to Wat Kreung Tai Wittaya, in Chiang Khong on the Thai-Laos border, to tame his more feminine traits.

But the monks running the temple’s programme to teach masculinity to boys who are “katoeys”, the Thai term for transsexuals or ladyboys, have their controversial work cut out.

“Sometimes we give them money to buy snacks but he saved it up to buy mascara,” headteacher Phra Pitsanu Witcharato said of Pipop.

Novice monks’ days pass as in any other temple — waking before dawn, collecting alms and studying Buddhism — but every Friday attention turns to the katoeys at the attached school.

Were you born as a man or a woman or can you not specify your gender – not man or woman?” asked Phra Pitsanu at a recent assembly. “You cannot be anything else but your true gender, which is a man. As a novice you can only be a man.”


Monks have had limited success in their project — three of the six ladyboys to have graduated from the school are said to have embraced their masculinity, but the remaining three went on to have sex changes.

Pipop said he has struggled with his sexuality at the temple.

At home in Bangkok he dressed like a girl, putting on make-up and taking hormones until he developed breasts, but he has since stopped the treatment and wears only a surreptitious dab of powder at the temple.

He does not believe he will live up to his family’s hopes that he will become more manly.

“I can make them proud even I’m not a man,” the teenager said, adding he had given up his ambition to be an airhostess and now aspires to work in a bank.

He thinks he will have a sex change after graduation.

“Once I leave the monkhood the first thing I want to do is to shout, to scream out loud saying: ‘I can go back to being the same again!'”




‘Same Shit, Different Time Zone’

‘Twitterverse Titters Over ‘Gay’ Mr. Bachmann’

Via: Newser

Political observers’ gaydar is super-piqued by the intriguing Mr. Michele Bachmann, particularly because the therapist is so rabidly anti-gay. “It’s pretty much a given that the most vociferously homophobic men are usually repressing something,” chortles actor James Urbaniak.

“But, oh Mary, Marcus takes the ever-loving cake. I haven’t seen flames this high since the last California wildfire.”  



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