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Health officials investigate measles outbreak in Washington State: south King, Pierce counties

Via: KIROTV.com


Public health officials are investigating eight confirmed cases of measles in south King and Pierce counties.

According to officials, health agencies have reported seven confirmed cases and another probable case that occurred between June 10 and June 22.

The cases of measles are among members of the same extended family, which are linked to another case. A person returned to the United States from the Pacific Islands on May 26 with measles.

The known public exposures occurred at several MultiCare health care facilities, where the infected individuals were treated, including a hospital in Tacoma.

As of Thursday, five people have sought care at the following facilities and were later identified as having measles.

They may have exposed others to the virus. (Yeah, you think?)

Here are the details about the exposures:



My personal opinion:



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Sea-Tac Child with measles may have exposed travelers




A measles infection in a King County child who was at Sea-Tac International Airport during the contagious period was confirmed Sunday by public health officials.

The person was likely exposed to the measles while overseas.

Most people in King County have immunity to the measles through vaccination, so the risk to the general public is low.

However, a measles outbreak has hit record levels in Washington State.

Two-thirds of the people who have come down with the disease in the last year had opted out of getting vaccinated.



Thanks, Anti-Vaxxers BASTARDS!



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