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Mike Kennedy (R-UT) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


And YES, he really said that.





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GOP Medicare Plan



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Eric Cantor (R-VA) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’


“If you want America to be what we want it to be” – programs like Social Secuity and Medicare must be abolished.

Not “reformed” – ABOLISHED.

– Eric Cantor – House Majority LEADER


Turn the House BLUE in 2014!


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“Quotes of the Day”

Via: Buzzfeed

“The word ‘voucher’ was “a poll tested word designed to scare today’s seniors.”

– Paul Ryan – Sept 21, 2012


“Converting Medicare into defined contribution sort of voucher system.”

Paul Ryan – 2009


“I would also say to people, look, we are going to you a voucher to get private health insurance to meet you needs.”

Paul Ryan – 2010


See the videos, HERE:




personal thought:

An estimated $6,000 a year voucher you can use to buy private insurance isn’t goin’ to cut it.

I’m not even sure if ANY insurance companies will cover you pre-existing conditions such as diabetes or heart problems.

I think seniors will be totally fk’d with a Romney/Ryan administration.

Protect Social Seurity and Medicare, Re-Elect Obama/Biden!


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“Quote of the Day”

“Oh look – they’re wishing us good luck!’

– Punk the Penquin

Save Medicare AND Social Security – Re-Elect Obama/Biden!


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Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Raw Story

Soledad O’Brien: “At the end of the day, that same number crunching was voted on by virtually every single Republican in 2011 and then again in 2012. That is fair to say,” O’Brien pointed out, adding that both Romney and Ryan had promised to “save” Medicare by turning it into a “voucher program.”

Chaffetz: “No, it’s not!” 

O’Brien: “It’s not a voucher program?”

Chaffetz: “It is not a voucher program. It is a premium support, and that is totally different than a voucher program. And every time somebody says, ‘Oh, it’s a voucher program,’ it’s false, it’s misleading, it’s derogatory and it’s inaccurate. That is not what it does.”

O’Brien: “You will give people money to go and buy their own insurance, right? But we’re arguing over symantics. At the end of the day, isn’t it — you would give someone money to buy their own insurance.”

Chafffetz: “No, a premium support program is different than a voucher program.”

O’Brien: “Walk me through how it’s different.”

Chaffetz: “Because some people that have maybe more needs or medical needs or they have less income, they’re going to have more flexibility and more assets to go and do what they need to do in order to have some choice and flexibility and create competition in the marketplace.”

O’Brien: “Which is they get a VOUCHER TO GO BUY SOMETHING!”.


Read more, HERE:



personal thought:

SENIORS: I think the proposed $8,000 per year ‘premium support program’ VOUCHER might be enough IF you remain healthy.

However, IF you have a chronic condition, or say you need a by-pass or hip replacement, you are absolutely f*cked!

Q: Let’s say you have a pre-existing condition (heart diesease, diabetes, etc, etc) what comany in their right mind would insure you?

A: No company will, and you will be UN-INSURED!


Save Medicare AND Social Security, RE-Elect Obama/Biden!


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Democrats Can’t Wait To Run Against Paul Ryan’s Budget

Via: TPM

Democrats were perhaps as excited by the selection of Rep. Paul Ryan as Republicans Saturday, boasting that Ryan will be a boon to their cause on every level.

Their reasoning: Mitt Romney is inextricably tied now to the architect of the GOP’s plan to privatize Medicare, and Ryan’s proposal to slash entitlements is guaranteed to receive more national attention than ever before.

“In naming Congressman Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has chosen a leader of the House Republicans who shares his commitment to the flawed theory that new budget-busting tax cuts for the wealthy, while placing greater burdens on the middle class and seniors, will somehow deliver a stronger economy,” Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in a statement Saturday morning.


On entitlements, Romney offered up a Medicare voucher plan, but offered no details as to how generous the vouchers would be, making it difficult to accuse him of slashing seniors benefits.

Democrats will have no such problem with Ryan’s detailed Medicare plan, which the nonpartisan CBO estimates would require SENIORS to PAY THOUSANDS of DOLLARS more in out-of-pocket costs.


Read more, HERE:



Re-Elect Obama/Biden!


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Tea party group to Michele ‘bat-shit insane’ Bachmann: QUIT the presidential race

Via: CNN

A tea party group has a surprising and harsh urging for long-time tea party favorite Michele Bachmann: Quit the presidential race.

“It’s time for Michele Bachmann to go,” reads the first line of a statement from American Majority President Ned Ryun.  His group operates in seven states, trains thousands of tea party supporters and is “liked” by over 371,000 people on Facebook.

“Bachmann, the leader of the so-called tea party caucus in the House and the most vocal about her affiliation with the Tea Party than any other Presidential candidate, has consistently presented herself as a champion of the movement and its values,” Ryun’s statement continued.

“Bachmann has ridden her tea party credentials from obscurity to a national platform like no other.”


“I think it’s pretty obvious that Michele Bachmann is about Michele Bachmann,” American Majority Executive Director Matt Robbins said.

Anyone who knows the congresswoman, and knows her record, we appreciate a national figure standing up for the tea party types,” Robbins added.

Robbins said the statement is not about the group favoring one candidate over Bachmann.

“We are equal opportunity hecklers.” Robbins said. “We point out the foibles and the flaws in each one of the candidates. And we don’t care which one of the personalities wins, as long as they’re conservative.”

“Let’s face it: she’s a back-bencher and has been a back bencher congressperson for years,” Robbins added.  “This is not a serious presidential campaign.”



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medicare costs could wipe out social security cost of livingadjustment

Via: Think Progress

Next year, Social Security recipients will see a 3.6 percent increase in benefits, the first cost-of-living adjustment since 2009. Starting in January, the 55 million Social Security recipients will see their monthly payment grow by $43, or about $516 for the year.

But increases in Medicare Part B premiums, which must pay for 25 percent of the program costs, could wipe out those gains for many seniors. The average Social Security recipient could see one-fourth of their COLA increase for 2012 eaten up by the rise in Medicare premiums.

The Affordable Care Act will work to the slow cost growth in Medicare in the years to come and could save the average beneficiary approximately $3,500 over the next decade.



personal story:

In 2005, I retired at age 57.

I would of like to have lived in my hometown, Seattle, but I KNEW I could not risk going without medical insurance; nor could I pay the outrageously expensive COBRA.

So, I decided to live in Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand; where I have FULL medical coverage (physician, hospital, and meds) for LESS than my co-pay was in ’00-’05.

my point:

I KNOW it doesn’t work for everyone, but there alternatives to paying Medicare Plan B premiums.


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Yuma Arizona – man $12 OVER LIMIT for heart surgery due to cuts

Via: Yuma Sun

A Yuma man in need of heart surgery doesn’t know what to do next after losing his health insurance.

Steven Stephenson recently had to quit his job because of his health issues. Now, his Social Security payments are slightly too high — by $12 a month — for him to be eligible for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), which is the state’s Medicaid program.

“It’s rough. I don’t know what I’m going to do … when I talked to my doctor he wants me to go for surgery in my heart. I don’t know how I am going to be able to pay these bills.”


In Arizona, childless adults with an income below the federal poverty level (an income of $903 a month or less) are eligible for AHCCCS coverage thanks to Proposition 204, a 2000 voter-approved initiative requiring the state to provide free care for anyone in that category.

Beginning July 1, however, the state plans to stop enrolling anyone in this category, though those already in AHCCCS could continue to get care. The same thing would happen to parents whose income is at least 75 percent of the federal poverty level, though their children would remain eligible.



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