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Q: Does anyone else get batshit-insane WordPress comments like this?


Michael de Haydu 41m

Dear Aunt Marina,
I am your cousin. I am Michael de Haydu, son of Michael de Haydu Senior, nephew of your husband Peter and his brother Ricardo, cousin to your children.

Ron Paul is a great American and I am extremely disappointed to see a member of my family joining in the medias slander of the only honest and pure politician we have had in congress for the last 30 years.

If you choose to have our rare and unique family name then I would expect you to hold our conservative way of thinking. My grandfather was a great man and went from a political refugee with nothing to a millionaire.

Your fortune was handed to you. Please refrain from the media because when you slander a great American you slander my… OUR last name.

-Michael Joseph deHaydu


Note: I’ve been called many weird things in my life, but NEVER, Aunt Marina.


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