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‘Message of the Day’



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‘FACT of the Day’


45% more, WOW!


personal thought:

I can’t help but wonder if someday, if there will be a migration, a mass migration, of people from the $7.25 ‘minimal wage’ to the ‘livable wage’ states.

Gawd only knows, I would look for a better opportunity!





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Rick Jones (R-MI) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Detroit Free Press


Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, introduced a similar bill last month, but his was more geared at keeping the wages of tipped employees relatively flat, only increasing them a DIME per HOUR from $2.65 to $2.75.




The richest man in the world, John D. Rockefeller.

Rockefeller became well known in his later life for the practice of giving DIMES to ADULTS and nickels to children wherever he went.

Mr. Rockefeller DIED seventy-seven years ago.




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Marjory Collins – Image Gallery

Via: Shorpy – ‘ALWAYS something interesting’


June 1943

“Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Bernice Stevens of Braddock, Pa., mother of one child, employed in the engine house of the Pennsylvania Railroad, earns 58 cents per hour.

She is cleaning a locomotive with a high pressure nozzle.

Her husband is in the Army.”


See more of Marjory Collins work, HERE:




Before you think, $.58 per hour, is TERRIBLE!

Based on the ‘historic standard of living’ the $.58  per hour would be equivalent to $7.81 per hour in 2014 dollars.

The Federal Minimum wage is currently $7.25 – NOW that’s TERRIBLE!





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Governor Mary Fallin (R-OK) – ‘GOP Moron of the Day’

Via: Think Progress



At a time when many states and cities are working passing minimum wage increases, Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin (R) has gone in the opposite direction and signed a law banning cities from passing higher wages.

The ALSO bans them from enacting paid sick days or vacation requirements.

The law will stymie the efforts of activists in Oklahoma City, where a labor federation has led the push on a petition to raise the city’s minimum wage to $10.10 per hour. The state’s current minimum has been set at the federal level of $7.25. In 2012, 64,000 workers in the state earned $7.25 an hour or less, making up 7.2 percent of all hourly workers, a larger share than the 4.7 percent figure for the country as a whole.

Fallin said she signed the bill out of the worry that higher local minimum wages “would drive businesses to other communities and states, and would raise prices for consumers.”

She also argued that “most minimum wage workers are young, single people working part-time or entry level jobs” and that many are high school or college students living with their parents in middle-class families.”


‘Happy Days’ was a fictional TV sitcom which ended in 1984 – THIRTY YEARS AGO!



FACT: But that’s not what the typical American minimum wage worker looks like.

– Nearly 90 percent of workers who would be impacted by an increase in the wage are older than 20, while the average age is 35.

– More than a quarter have children to support.

More than half work full time, and 44 percent have at leas t some college education, while half a million minimum wage workers are college graduates.




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the ‘Working Poor’


Personal thought:

There is no question there is ‘Working Poor’ throughout the world.

However, for an ‘industrialized country’: our $7.25 minium wage, and frightfully expensive health care, makes us unique, and not in a good way.


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“Quote of the Day”



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Some things cost more than they seem.


Bon Appétit!


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“Quote of the Day”

Via: Daily Kos


If what he said in 1996 is any guide, House Speaker John Boehner really, really does not plan to allow a VOTE on raising the minimum wage:

“I’ll commit suicide before I vote on a clean minimum-wage bill,” Boehner, then the head of the House Republican Conference, said at the time.



Through early morning fog I see
Visions of the things to be
The pains that are withheld for me
I realize and I can see…

That suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it if I please

The game of life is hard to play
I’m gonna lose it anyway
The losing card I’ll someday lay
So this is all I have to say

Suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it if I please

The sword of time will pierce our skins
It doesn’t hurt when it begins
But as it works its way on in
The pain grows stronger…watch it grin, but…

Suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it if I please

A brave man once requested me
To answer questions that are key
Is it to be or not to be
And I replied ‘oh why ask me?’

And suicide is painless
It brings on many changes
And I can take or leave it if I please

…and you can do the same thing if you please



“Suicide is Painless’




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Rich Guy CEO: 99 Percent Should STOP COMPLAINING!


Bud Konheim has a message for all of the 99 percenters: You’re luckier than you think.

Konheim, CEO and co-founder of luxury-fashion company Nicole Miller, said on CNBC’s “Quawk Box” on Wednesday that Americans not in the top 1 percent would be considered wealthy in most of the world. He said the 99ers should stop complaining and understand how lucky they are.

We’ve got a country that the poverty level is wealth in 99 percent of the rest of the world,” he said. “So we’re talking about woe is me, woe is us, woe is this.” He added that “the guy that’s making, oh my God, he’s making $35,000 a year, why don’t we try that out in India or some countries we can’t even name. China, anyplace, the guy is wealthy.”



1. Do the math, Bud:

$35,000 / 52 weeks /40 hours per week = $16.83 per hour

President Obama want to raise the Federal minimum wage from $7.25 ($15,080 per annum) to $10.10 ($21,008 per annum)


2. ‘Some countries we can’t even name’

Let me quess here Bud, the country where you have stupid lookin’ clothes made, right?

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