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Moscow – Image Gallery

Via: First Time User



Dancing lessons..

A day in the life of a schoolboy Kuchkov, Moscow, 1958



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Boy on a Bike Becomes Moscow’s Tiananmen Image

Via: ABC News

MOSCOW – As a bloody skirmish between police and opposition activists in central Moscow was drawing to a close on Sunday a small boy on a tiny bicycle pedaled through the crowd and approached a line of hulking riot police.

He sat there for a moment, balancing on his training wheels, staring at the menacing troops who were decked out in blue camouflage uniforms and full riot gear, nightsticks at the ready.

A group of protesters who had been heckling the cops began jeering,

“Here’s the guy that will storm the Kremlin. Be ready boys! Here he comes!”



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Take Back the Streets – OCCUPY!


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Would-Be Erotic Dancer Forces Flight Back to Domodedovo

Via: The Moscow Times

A London-bound flight was forced to return to Domodedovo Airport shortly after takeoff Friday morning after a drunk female passenger (see mug shot) began stealing other passengers’ eyeglasses and attempted to perform an erotic dance, transportation police said, RIA-Novosti reported.

Fifteen minutes into BMI flight BD0896, which took off at 7:15 a.m., cabin crew received word that the woman was acting strangely and disturbing other passengers, the report said.

The woman, a native of Almetyevsk in the republic of Tatarstan, was so disruptive that the crew decided to return to Domodedovo Airport, where the Airbus A-320 landed safely at 8:30 a.m.

The would-be erotic dancer was detained and sent to a hospital in Domodedovo for a medical examination. Authorities were deciding what disciplinary action should be taken against her, an Interior Ministry spokesman said.

The spokesman added that the woman acted normally prior to the flight, and he speculated that she had a low tolerance for alcohol. (yeah, think?)

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