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Mother Charged With Poisoning of 5-Year Old Son

Via: NYT


Lacey Spears’s struggle seemed like every mother’s worst nightmare. From the moment her son was born, she said, he was afflicted with never-ending illnesses.

When the boy, Garnett, was only 5 days old, he was rushed to the hospital for an ear infection, blood pouring from his nose. He had fevers, infections and, always, “a failure to thrive,” she said. By his ninth month he needed a feeding tube.

And Ms. Spears shared every travail with the world on a blog and through social media. In an age of oversharing and obsessive parenting, she found a wide audience.

But, according to the authorities, Ms. Spears was the real cause of Garnett’s illnesses.

Ms. Spears, 26, who lived in New York City’s northern suburbs, was arrested and charged with the murder of her 5-year-old son on Tuesday, accused by the authorities of fatally poisoning him in January with an overdose of sodium.

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