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’54 – the back of this photo …


has in My Dad’s writing, “Rome – New Years’ Eve – ’54″

I know how my Mom could cook, so this had to be ‘only one of many’ tables laid out in preparation for the party.

Prior to Rome, if any us had broken a glass, plate, or whatever, it wouldn’t have been a good thing, right?

Well when this happened during 1953, it was met with a ‘no problem’, and then she would quietly say, “Great, we’ve got some more!!”


Well it turns out, my Mom had heard of an Italian tradition, possibly/PROBABLY no longer followed, where the broken glass would be saved during the year, and be discarded at the sound of the New Year church bells. This of course would signify out with the old, in with the new, with hopes for even a better New Year.

And when I’m talking about discarding, I’m not talking about discarding into a dumpster, but ‘out the window’/ ‘off the balcony’!!

By this time, I was already (still am for that matter) in love with the Italians, but to see glass being thrown out of four and five story windows to the streets below. WOW!!!

Note: a few hours later, the streets were all clean, and you would never have known it had happened.

That is, if you hadn’t seen it, or for that matter, heard it.


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